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After the PlayStation 5 was finally revealed last week, the video game community voiced their opinions on the console design. Some loved it. Some hated it. Others had mixed feelings on it. In other words, it was another console design reveal.

However, any time new hardware is revealed, we see fans put their creativity to work. Many have tried to “fix” the final design of the PlayStation 5. This won’t focus on the larger changes to the system size or physical updates people have created. Instead, I wanted to bring attention to what we could potentially see as special editions.

Credit: Sony

Why does it matter? Well, PlayStation Vice-President of UX Design Matt MacLaurin commented as such. On his LinkedIn page, he responded to some commenters regarding special edition PlayStation 5’s. He said:

“While this is the flagship/reference, you can count on even more beautiful (and hopefully radical) special editions.”

And in another reply:

“Customization with special editions will be beyond anything seen before.”

So let’s have some fun and look at some fan designs for special editions. Below are images I was able to find that show exactly that.

Of those, the regular black option seems the most likely to happen, and even a long term possibility. However, seeing some of those others really makes me think the future special editions could be something special. Even more so, I wish Sony would go the Microsoft route and have a Design Lab for their controllers.

Anyway, what did you think? Would changing some colors or adding logos be more appealing for you? If so, company DBrand is already taking orders for PlayStation 5 skins. Let us know in the comments if any stand out or what would be your dream look for the PlayStation 5.

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