Graydon is in this week while Josh is unfortunately away on assignment. Here’s what this weeks fireside chat consists of:

  • Sony Patenting An Xbox Snap-like feature for PlayStation 5
  • The president of Nintendo apologizing for Joy-Con Drift
  • An Xbox digital event to occur the week of the 20th
  • Toys for Bob reassuring that there will be no microtransactions in Crash 4
  • Xbox Series X’s original release window before the pandemic
  • A Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay feature being removed from the game completely
  • Devolver Digital Direct happening on July 11th
  • Microsoft holding an Xbox Summer Game Fest from 7/21-7/27
  • Sony looking at acquiring more developers
  • A Fallout Amazon Prime series from the “Westworld” showrunners

    As for the rumor mill, there are three stories:
  • A major Halo character potentially being killed off in Infinite
  • Tom Warren claiming Lockhart will support RayTracing
  • Resident Evil: 8 to be the longest of the modern games

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