G4 TV 4 Gamers in 2021?

Holy Shit! I am losing my mind right now over the news that I missed and was therefore given by Emmett about ten minutes ago: G4 is returning. This was during the Comic-Con At Home digital event that is currently happening as I write this. The teaser showed what G4 originally debuted and ended on in 2002 and 2014 respectively; a game of Pong. This is perfect timing as G4 alum Chris Gore was working on a documentary prior to COVID. You can watch the teaser released via the Attack of the Show and X-Play Twitter accounts which are now fully restored to what they were prior to the shutdown.

The G4tv.com domain is also active as well compared to when it was nothing but a redirect to SyFy Games. When you go to G4TV.com you see a boot-up sequence that then proceeds to turn into a game of Pong. While I am very excited about this news I have some questions such as:

  • Is this a Peacock exclusive?
  • Will it be the “TV 4 Gamers” G4? Or the “TV That’s Plugged In” post-TechTV merger version of the channel.
  • Are Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn returning if it is back on Cable?
  • Will it rival VENN?
    and finally
  • Will it be all-new all-different such as Leo Laporte’s version of The Screensavers?

Unlike other now-defunct channels, G4 has a massive following that has grown since it went off the air six years ago. I remember whenever I would bring up the gaming channel during Dual Shock Show, Matt Mobley always pointed out the joy Cinematech brought to him as he could experience games while not having any way to play video games.

I expect to hear more of this news as time goes on. In the meantime, you can read my piece on VENN and hoping it avoids the problems that G4 went through.

For my Remembering G4 pieces, you can find them here

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