With the news of G4’s resurrection, (you can read Polygon’s news story on it here) I have felt conflicted as to whether or not I should keep this series going. However, as pointed out to me earlier this week, the era of G4 I loved doesn’t seem to be returning. So, without further adieu let’s get to talking about Filter.

As with all the previous shows I have mentioned in this series, Filter was one of the 13 launch shows for G4 back in mid-2002. The show was in essence, a Top Ten countdown show with various themes such as best military games, best arcade games, and specials for the end of each year and E3/other video game trade shows. After the TechTV merger in 2004, Filter’s focus was extended to pop-culture/tech content. The show was hosted by Diane Mizota from 2002 to 2005. In December of 2005, Mizota announced that Filter had been canceled by G4.

Credit: G4

After spanning four years and over one-hundred episodes the show came to an end… or did it? Less than six months later the show in-fact returned but with a twist! Actress Beth Ostrosky who, at the time was notable for being the partner of Howard Stern, would be the new host for Filter. Like Cheat, Filter was reformatted into being 100% pop culture-focused. Thankfully, the reset of Filter didn’t last long and the show would live on as an interstitial between commercials called “The G-Spot”. Unlike the rest of the canceled G4 shows that had been reset like Cheat and Icons, the 2006 version of Filter cannot be found online anywhere. At least anywhere I have searched.

When I look back at Filter I remember a very underrated series that did “Top Ten” lists long before YouTube gaming channels.

For my previous piece of Remembering G4 focusing on Cheat! you can read that here.

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