Hello and welcome to the VGU.tv Week In News podcast where the writers for VGU.tv talk about the latest news, rumors, and look back at old games. On this weeks show:

– Next-Gen Avengers Moved To 2021

– Golden Axed Dredges Up Rough Working Environment Behind Game Prototype

– AC: Valhalla Has An Option To Canonically Play As Both Genders For Eivor

– Future Bethesda Games May Not Be On PS5 According To Phil Spencer

– The PS5 UI Has Finally Been Shown 

– Iconic LucasArts Titles Coming To GamePass This Month

– US Army’s E-Sports Facebook Stream Violates 1st Amendment 

– Microsoft Finalizes The Series X and S Launch Lineup

This week’s edition of Remember This? is Episode 1 of Telltale Games’ The Wolf Among Us Episode 1: Faith

Meanwhile in the Rumor Mill

– Ubisoft and Crytek Victims Of RansomWare Attack?

– Asobo Teasing Something?

– Potential News For Killzone?

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