With mere weeks until the ninth console generation beginning, now is a time to reflect, look back at what released on the various platforms this year. The good, the mediocre, and downright disappointing. We already covered the good, and technically covered the disappointing games on the seventh generation of platforms back when I was a meager staff writer who had a fascination with Aliens: Colonial Marines on EVERY platform for which I was and am still mocked by my colleagues for. So as part of our end of the generation celebration, let’s get to those opinions!

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Disappointing Games of the Generation Roundtable

As you can hear on numerous podcasts, I have a deep love for the Halo franchise. By franchise, I mean the Bungie-helmed games rather than the 343 developed games in the series. Over a decade ago Activision and Bungie went into a partnership over a game called Destiny. It was a GaaS (game as a service) which would mean that it would be released once, and then be continually updated until the next game in the service. Back in 2013, at Sony’s E3 Press Conference Destiny was shown off and the game’s Alpha was made available on the PS4 from June 12th-June 14th and I presumed it would be fun and all was well.

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Destiny would release in 2014 or as I call it “the year of disappointment” as Watch_Dogs, WWE 2k15, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 were all released. Which made owning day one editions of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 make the whole next generation of games feel kind of lackluster. My gripe with Destiny back in September of 2014 is the fact that without friends to join up with you the game was utterly useless. After a mission where I had to and failed to hold off, enemy reinforcements that had me swearing over, and over, and over I went and deleted the game from my PS4. Later on, I played with some friends and I found a way to hate the game even more as I got completely lost and was completely salty.

Destiny 2 eventually released and made amends with the angry portion of the player base but I was long gone. After my time with Destiny 1, I had no interest in anything related to the series going forward.

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  1. pungello1988

    Fallout 4 was definitely the most disappointing game this gen for me. Andromeda was coming off of ME3’s terrible ending so I wasn’t expecting it to be good (and it wasn’t) but I was PUMPED for Fallout 4 and it was so thoroughly meh. Fallout 76 was even worse…


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