With G4 already in the process of returning after a reveal during Comic-Con many months ago. There is more happening with the former cable channel than we had previously expected. As you know if you happen to listen to the VGU Week-In-News podcast, I have a segment devoted entirely to G4, which this news I’ll most likely bring up again.

As I was scrolling Twitter yesterday I noticed a post from the G4 Twitter account and it was a Thanksgiving video with actor/comedian Ron Funches who announced that there would be a Thanksgiving reunion with the hosts. Unfortunately, the names mentioned weren’t the ones I enjoyed watching like Bill Sindelar, Laura Foy, Tina Wood, Ronnie Lewis, and more. My hopes for this G4 revival was that the 2002-2004 version/era of the channel would be co-mingled along with the Attack of the Show and X-Play era of the channel. Regardless of how I feel about this, there is a good thing being done with the name recognition of the brand, said good deed is “Gravython” which will be a charity event in the style of an Omaze event.

Credit: G4 Twitter

They had mentioned in the picture of Gravython the “Original Cast of G4 and more” would be on the Holiday Reunion Special. The reason I have Original Cast in quotes is due to an interaction between Blair Herter who is now VP of content partnerships and brand development and founding member of G4 from nearly twenty years ago: Scot Rubin. Things weren’t violent or anything but Blair Reposted the tweet saying he would be waiting for a direct message and Scot replied with “Hey Blair, didn’t G4 start in 2002?”

G4's Blair Herter Gets Taken To Task? By Scot Rubin

I have a strong feeling I am just reading into things far too much but regardless of what went down, the G4 Holiday Reunion is worth tuning into by subscribing to the G4TV YouTube channel.

For my most recent look back at G4 now going by Celebrating G4 focusing on Game On which has the honor of being the first show canceled by the network click here.

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