Video Games are one of the best things to exist in 2020 with this year of hell. (Not to be confused with the Year of Hell storyline from Star Trek: Voyager) Based on data from the NPD Group, the games industry is projected to bring in over ten million dollars thanks to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S. While things in the video game industry are driven by money, another side of the medium is the enjoyment of the product. For Pete’s sake, a tagline for G4 interstitials during its time as a 24/7 gaming channel was “for the love of the game”. With Thanksgiving getting closer I felt we should do a Roundtable on games that we are thankful for, happy to play, and feels like we’ve enjoyed a ten out of ten Thanksgiving dinner.

Allan Muir – EiC/Jingle Jangle Stan

MLB The Show Series (PlayStation)

Games We Are Thankful For: MLB The Show
Credit: Sony San Diego Studios

If you have followed my history of writing about Sony’s MLB The Show franchise whether it was on my personal blog, LosHarrow, or Graydon and I’s co-op review of this year’s game, I love the games and there is rarely anything that can be done to make me not have a great time with this franchise. It is one of the few game series that I can actually say “I remember when this first started”, and “I own/have played every game in the franchise”

As I’ve mentioned in previous episodes of Player’s Club, this game series, to me at least, is the equivalent of comfort food. No matter how long I play it, I am calm and at peace. There is the rare occasion where my inner-George Steinbrenner takes over and decides to either initiate a trade while playing as the Mets with the Cubs and trade 3 top-rated players for Javy Baez. Or the time I gave the Giants $500 million in funds to sign the aforementioned Javy Baez, Francisco Lindor, and Kris Bryant.

This year won’t be the same case because of DIVOC but now I’d usually be getting ready to wind down my time on MLB The Show 20 in anticipation for MLB The Show 21. But unfortunately, we are in the WORST possible timeline to be in and the topic of MLB The Show 21 won’t even be broached until next year. However, the news announcing the previously exclusive PlayStation series would become platform-agnostic in 2021 so either way, I am excited.

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