This Week On The VGU.TV Week In News Podcast: This episode has been claimed by Arcane, Will Graydon Finally Try March to October in MLB ‘21, Could the mythical MGS Remake be happening? And make sure to leave ONLY positive reviews! Welcome to WiN!

Allan and Graydon are joined this week by Gary Gallimore to talk news, MLB The Show, and Rumors!


  • “Ride The Public Domain Lightning!” Metallica’s Blizzcon Performance Muted on Twitch to avoid a DMCA takedown
  • “You Absolutely CANNOT Take These Broken Wings” GTA 3/Vice City Fan Project Hit With DMCA Takedown
  • “MASSIVE CODE!” CD Projekt Red Hitting Any and Every Appearance of Stolen Source Code With DMCA Takedown
  • “Oh The Calamity!” Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity to Receive DLC Expansion Pass
  • “We Can Bring It Back, We Have The Technology” Famicom Detective Club Games To Get Re-release On Switch
  • “Major False Positive” Steam Game Developer Banned Over Attempt To Game Steam Store
  • “To Me, It Was A Fortnite” Street Fighter Coming To Fortnite Sometime In The Near Future
  • “Get Out Of Here Tart Tycoon!” Valve Trying to Avoid Being Dragged into Epic-Apple Legal Battle

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