On this week’s fireside chat, Gary and Graydon discuss more drama out of Activision, as well as their
nostalgia for Lego games, and the all-too-realistic horrors of war. Also, we celebrate Gary’s birthday with
a trip down game memory lane! All this and more, on WIN!

The News:

  • Crash Bandicoot 4 on PC is Always Online and Exclusive to Battle.net
  • Call of Duty Stat Tracking Website Told By Activision to Shutdown By Monday
  • Back4Blood Shot Back To October
  • Over 60 Indie Games Are Coming To Xbox and A Third To Game Pass
  • Nobody Saves The World Introduced by Guacamelee Devs
  • Call of Duty Going Back To World War II Reportedly

Rumor Mill:

  • Horizon: Forbidden West Pushed Back To 2022?
  • Has Lego Star Wars Saga Gone Gold?
  • Microsoft In Talks To Acquire Discord?
{Editor’s Note: Gary Got A New Microphone Hence Why Things Sound… One Sided}


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