This Week on WiN: Epic and Apple’s Legal Drama Continues, New Games Are In The Works, and Allan Bought 200 Pokémon Cards With Many More To Follow! Gotta Buy Em All!


– Apple and Epic Clash Over Agent Peely 

– The Recap of The First Week of the Apple/Epic Court Case

– Ghostrunner Gets A Sequel

– Returnal Dev Hasn’t Figured Out Implementing Saves 

– Gabe Newell Says Steam Games Could Be On Consoles By The End of 2021 

– Mass Effect 3 Cut A “Reaper-Fied” Illusive Man 

– Ubisoft Says Their Star Wars Game Will Be Groundbreaking

– Stargate Timekeepers Announced 

Rumor Mill: 

– Possible Leaks For Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC’s and More

– Pokémon Presents Happening In June?


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