Josh and Allan look back at one of the most controversial stories in Spider-Man’s existence. One. More. Day. Not only do they get into the nitty gritty with Spider-Man, but also relate it to some more personal moments in their life as well.

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Joe Quesada

It was never really a secret how Joe Quesada felt about the Mary Jane and Peter Parker marriage. He was never for it. He is on record, many times, explaining how it was too much of a divergence from what the original character originally was, and he wasn’t okay with that. Quesada feels that putting a ring on Peter removed too many of the social elements that made the stories great whether it was the sexual tension with Black Cat or just Peter no longer being the single nerd that could lead to him being surrounded by married people that left those interactions open. In the end, he felt much of the drama that made Peter’s life interesting was nowhere near as prevalent with him being married. He doesn’t want to remove the soap opera aspect of Spider-Man which is what the marriage ultimately did in his eyes.

He knew that when an opportunity presented itself, he would take the chance and find a way to end it. So in 2005 during one of their summits, the chance came up and Quesada capitalized on it. He followed up with many of his staff including:

J. Michael Straczynski

Brian Michael Bendis

Mark Millar

Jeph Loeb

Tom Brevoort

Axel Alonso

And this would then carry over to the following summit and bring in Ed Brubaker and Dan Slott as well. All the while, these creators were pitching ideas until the story began to form into what they thought could work. It was JMS that came up with the idea of one single decision being made to change it all, but leave everything else intact. So they decided to push the snowball that would eventually be One More Day down the cliff starting with Civil War and unmasking Spider-Man (something that was decided by editorial that JMS didn’t seem to really like at the time).

So once all of the pieces were on the table, everything was thrown to the creators. JMS would get to work on One More Day, and the Brand New Day team would start work on the future of Spider-Man.

J. Michael Straczynski vs Joe Quesada – Decisions Are Made

J Michael Straczynski

JMS receives a lot of criticism for some of his work on Spider-Man. The biggest two that come to mind are both Sins Past and One More Day. However, he did remark on this on a message board that both of the biggest complaints were from Joe Quesada. For instance, the Gwen Stacy kids thing was meant to be Peter’s kids, not Norman’s. Quesada made the change. He didn’t like Peter was married, he sure as hell didn’t like the idea that Peter had kids.

He was also against the idea of One More Day, but would be pushed to do it by Quesada. So much so that he wanted to have his name removed on the final two issues of the story. From JMS’s standpoint, he has been in Quesada’s shoes and had to make decisions like he did over the original intent of writers. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn’t. So he didn’t want to throw Quesada under the bus by removing his name and decided to roll with it and give it his best shot at making the story work.

According to Quesda, when they received JMS’s scripts, it didn’t resolve in the way they had hoped. They already had Brand New Day stuff in the works, and for Brand New Day to start where it did, One More Day couldn’t end in the way JMS intended. So for Quesda, he would have had to screw up a years worth of story planning to fit in JMS’s original scripts, or have JMS rewrite. So Quesada made the call, and JMS rewrote the ending to suit Brand New Day. This was also the cause for many of the delays with the book as well.

Another argument that Quesada made is in regards to how big of the changes JMS’s original scripts were. According to Quesada, JMS’s ending not only goes against much of what was already canonical in Marvel in terms of science, but it also would have reset many things outside of Spider-Man as well, and affected the Marvel Universe as a whole on a grander scope.

Another thing that Quesada notes is that the marriage would still have ended. Quesada, JMS, and everyone originally mentioned at the beginning were all part of the decisions being made to Spider-Man. One of those decisions was ending the marriage in One More Day. So at the end of the day, Peter and Mary Jane still would have separated. The only difference would have been HOW they ended it all.

However, JMS had things he really wanted to do that were not approved. He wanted Peter to make the choice, not Mary Jane. He wanted issue 1 of One More Day to take place immediately after being shot, and instead, it was put off so they could do 4 issues back to back. He even wanted to retcon out the Gwen Stacy children from continuity because he always thought he would be able to and was left receiving criticism for a story he didn’t want to tell in the first place.

The Original JMS Script

The big problem with the script came during the work done in issue 3. It was at that point JMS turned in his script for issue 4, and Brevoort, Alonso, and Quesada all realized that it was different than what they thought it would be. What was discussed at the summits was not here, and it wasn’t because JMS didn’t remember, it was because he had a specific story he wanted to tell. However, because the Brand New Day stuff was underway, there were contradictions that would lead to greater problems.

Quesada explains the original script pretty simply, saying:

In his story, Mephisto was going to change continuity from as far back as issues #96-98 from 1971. In Joe’s story, Peter drops the dime on Harry, and that helps get him into rehab right away. Consequently, MJ stays with Harry, and Gwen never dies and never has her affair with Norman, etc., etc. And in the end, Peter and MJ are never married.

For Quesada, changes going this far back were ultimately too problematic to allow. Not only does it discount many of the stories that would happen post 1971, but many of the things that happened in general in the Marvel Universe. During the summits, the pitch was essentially: one thing happened to stop the wedding. Mephisto would make people forget Peter’s unmasking during Civil War. Lastly, Harry would return.

JMS would read Quesadas interview where he mentions this and illustrates the bit of cognitive dissonance with this approach though:

To explain, here’s the conversation I had with Marvel, in sum:

“So what does Mephisto do?” I ask.

“He makes everybody forget Peter’s Spider-Man.”

“Uh, huh. So Aunt May’s still in the hospital –“

“No, he saves Aunt May.”

“But if all he does is save her life and make everybody forget he’s Spidey, she still has a scar on her midsection.”

“No, he makes that go away too.”


“Then he wakes up in her house.”

“The house that was burned down?”


“But how –“

“Mephisto undoes that as well.”

“Okay. And the guys who shot at Peter and May and were killed, they’re alive too? Mephisto can bring guys back from the dead?”

“It’s all part of the spell.”

“And Doc Strange can’t tell?”


“And the newspaper articles? News footage?”

“Joe, it’s been forgotten.”

“I’m just asking is that stuff there or not there?”

“Not there. And Peter’s web shooters are back.”

“Is this the same spell or a different spell?”

“Same spell.”

“How does making people forget he’s Spidey bring back his web shooters?”

“It’s magic, okay?”

“I see. And Harry’s back.”


“And Mephisto does this too.”


“So is Harry back from the dead, or has he been alive? If they ask him, hey Harry, what did you do last summer, will he remember? And the year before? And the year before? If he says they all went on a picnic two years ago, will they remember it?”

“It’s –“

“Because if he now has a life he remembers, if he’s not back from the dead, then you’ve changed the continuity you said you didn’t want to change. Those are your only options: he was brought back from the dead, and there’s a grave, and people remember him dying –“

“Mephisto changes THEIR memories too.”

“– or he’s effectively been alive as far as our characters know, so he’s been alive all along, so either way as far as our characters are concerned, continuity’s been violated going back to 1971.

How do you explain that?”

“It’s magic, we don’t have to explain it.”

And that’s the part I had a real problem with, maybe the single biggest problem. There’s this notion that magic fixes everything. It doesn’t. “It’s magic, we don’t have to explain it.” Well, actually, yes, you do. Magic has to have rules. And this is clearly not just a case of one spell making everybody forget he’s Spidey…suddenly you’re bringing back the dead, undoing wounds, erasing records, reinstating web shooters, on and on and on.

Because of everything that needed fixing in issue 4, there were parts of issue three that also needed updating now. So JMS rewrote everything, much to his disagreement, and that STILL wouldn’t be enough. Instead of doing yet another rewrite, this is where the editors came in and reconfigured things to make it work in the way they needed it to for Brand New Day. Some of this too means adding in dialogue or whatever that wasn’t originally in JMS’s script.

So with all of these problems, the story that was supposed to release weekly in the month of August of 2007 instead were delayed. The first two issues would be released in October, the third issue would be released in November, and the final issue would release in December.

Civil War Unmasked

To understand One More Day, it’s important to note a few events leading up to it. As originally mentioned, some of the seeds were being planted in Civil War. During that, Spider-Man took the side of Iron Man and unmasked himself on national tv. As the normal trope would play out with secret identities and wanting to keep the loved ones safe; this would ultimately come back to haunt Peter.

Peter would go on to fight against Tony (another story for another episode), which put him on the wanted list as well resulting in Peter having to take MJ and Aunt May away and hide away in a hotel. During this, Kingpin used all of this knowledge to set up a chance to assassinate Peter Parker, MJ, and Aunt May. However, while Peter was able to save MJ from the bullet, Aunt May was not so lucky. She was shot and would end up in a coma and on life support as she was taken to the hospital.

This is where One More Day begins – Peter on a mission to save Aunt May. By any means necessary.

The Amazing Spider-Man #544 – Part 1

The issue starts with MJ and Peter looking over May at her bedside. Peter is blaming himself for his decision to unmask and how none of this would have happened if he just kept his identity secret. The doctor comes in trying to make sense of this “May Morgan”, their alias to prevent people knowing they are there, and why they have no I.D. or insurance. Dr. Fine informs Peter and MJ that without insurance, or a hefty checkbook, May will need to be moved to the charity care ward.

Peter, obviously frustrated, decides he is going to go find someone who can afford it. As he walks out though, Dr. Fine stops him and let’s Peter know that he is aware of who they really are. Spider-Man saved uncle several years back, and Dr. Fine vowed to try and repay that to him whenever he had the chance. Now is that time. However, his ability to stall is limited, so he tells Peter a solution has to be found quick.

Peter takes a chance and stops by Stark Tower and breaks into the building. Tony surprises him and tackles him flying him out of the building only for Peter to web up his boots causing them both to come crashing down on a nearby building. Tony tells Peter he is under arrest, but Peter throws a blow only for Tony to react with his uni-beam. Peter, unable to really do anything, uses his newfound internal web webbing and shoots everything he possibly can at Tony. When he opens his eyes, Tony is strung up in a multitude of webs.

Peter rips off Tony’s mask to see him eye to eye before asking for his help with May. Peter blames Tony for this. Tony promised nothing would happen to Peter’s family. Now, May lies dying in a hospital bed and he is demanding Tony to not just help out his Aunt, but the friend he used to have in Aunt May as well.

Tony tells Peter he can’t help because if he does, and the aid comes back to him in some shape or form, it shows he is aiding a fugitive from the law and he can be in trouble in that regard too. He blasts out of the webbing and flies off telling Peter he can’t/won’t help, and if Peter does anything that foolhardy again, he will arrest him.

Each man goes their separate ways with Tony arriving back at his tower and pulling out an old photograph with himself, Peter, MJ, Jarvis, and Aunt May. Peter arrives back at the hospital and entertains the idea that he may have to do some criminal activity to get the money quick. He tries to argue that since he’s already a “criminal” based on his past actions, this wouldn’t change anything in that regard.

It is at that moment that Jarvis stops by pretending to be May’s cousin, but starts to lose it at the sight of her in the hospital bed. He steadies himself again as the doctor walks in, and tells the doctor that he has $2 million in his account and will use every penny to assist May.

Even with the money though, Dr. Fine tells Peter that there is no chance for May to survive this. The only thing the money will accomplish at this point will be to make her last days as comfortable as possible. Peter doesn’t accept this, and heads back out to find someone else who can help him. Nothing will stop him from saving her.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #24 – Part 2

Spidey takes a trip to his friend Stephen Strange’s house to use the aid of magic. Dr. Strange lets him in and Spidey lays out his hope that his magic can grant the miracle he needs to save his aunt. Dr. Strange tries to convince him that if it’s her time, it’s her time. He argues that dying is one thing, but dying because of HIS mistakes is another. However, he doesn’t waver, and says he can’t do anything.

However, he uses the hands of the dead which allows for travel across time and space. He won’t allow Spider-Man to go back in time to try and save May, but he will let him reach out to other people to see if they can aid him. Doing so will save time, because he can speak to everyone at once through an astral projection of sorts.

Spidey does this. He speaks to everyone he possibly can. From characters like Beast and Reed Richards to villains like Dr. Doom and Dr. Octopus (in hopes that even the villains can understand and relate to his love for his aunt). All of the answers are the same. No.

Stephen leaves to grab Spidey a drink since the use of the Hands of the Dead left Spidey a little woozy. However, while Stephen is out, Spider-Man uses the hands again to cross time back to the moment Aunt May was shot. He floats in front of the shooter and realizes immediately upon trying to hit him that…he can’t touch anything. Knowing that’s out of the equation, he phases out of the room and tries to warn himself in the past. He sees his past self’s spidey-sense go off at his presence, though he can’t be seen, and it’s at that moment that astral projection spidey is attacked by weird creatures. Creatures that can hurt him, but he can’t touch.

He panics and phases through the room hoping to make one last attempt at preventing the shooting, but to no avail. He witnesses the event a second time. As the creatures come through to attack him, Dr. Strange intervenes, casting off the creatures, and bringing Peter to a different time where Dr. Strange wasn’t in his sanctum so he could help Peter immediately and avoid problems in time. He lets him know that the creatures are called Nightwalkers who live on the edges of time and space and prevent destiny from changing.

Stephen leaves him in a room for Peter to heal up and Stephen hears a knock at the door to go investigate. Peter hears the voices outside and recognizes it as himself – an earlier moment in his life. He tries to warn himself of what’s to come, but to no avail. Dr. Strange shuns the Spidey from that time. Spidey is upset – how can he be cured, but why can’t Stephen cure his aunt. He says – magical cures for magical illnesses. He tries to again reinforce in Peter’s head – it’s his aunts time. He has to let it go. As expected, he doesn’t take it well, but Dr. Strange speaks to him as a doctor.

He tells Peter that though she may be unconscious, she can still hear him. Don’t let her die alone. Dr. Strange has lost a lot of loved ones, and his biggest regret was not being there to tell them goodbye. If Peter wasn’t there at the time she passed, telling her how he loved her, he would regret it for the rest of his life. 

Peter leaves. As he sits outside on the stairs, he hears a voice telling him about how the Nightwalkers won’t allow destiny to change unless something more powerful than them can do so. He follows the voice to find a little girl who tells him that she is capable of doing just that.

The Sensational Spider-Man #41 – Part 3

The girl tells Spidey that it’s time someone helps him, and if he wants this to happen, he needs to decide on it quick because time is running out for him, the girl, and especially his aunt. Peter is confused why a little girl is walking around at night in the rain, and she tells him that her parents cut her slack because she’s smart like her dad. However, she would rather take after her beautiful mom. She gets upset because she may never grow up and starts blaming Peter for being selfish and putting himself in the center of the universe all of the time.

She gets frustrated and stomps off saying she is just meant to take her to the next destination. As he rushes after her, she disappears. Instead, he finds a middle age man sitting on a bench and talking about he is into software design for video games and whatnot. He talks about how the world around him doesn’t allow for heroes or be people of importance anymore like you are promised when you were younger, and so the way he gets past that is to play games or read books. There he can be anything. Do anything. If he had powers though, he would be incredibly happy and grateful for something that makes him stand out from the rest of the world.

Peter gets up and starts to leave as another man pulls up in a car and offers him a ride. Well. Why not. Peter gets in and during the ride, the man talks about how rich he is and how he got there with some drive from being picked on for being the smart kid in school. When he was 19, his inventions led to 30 patents and became a millionaire. That wealth grew year over year and the people who bullied him now worked for him, and they hated him for that – which at least to him felt like a valid reason.

They pull over and start walking. However, all that money didn’t make him happy. There was a woman he knew in high school who he loved. She was everything he wanted, but he lost her. He lives the rich man life. Penthouse. Owns everything he could want. Has a dozen women on speed-dial who will make sure his night isn’t left lonely. But he would give it all away for that one woman he knew in high school.

He tells Peter that this is the end of the line and to keep walking. As Peter turns around, the man is gone. Now he is greeted by a woman in red. She tells him about everything we know could be a dream and how some cultures believe that dreams lead to alternate lives and futures. In fact, those people Peter just spoke to came from those alternate lives and futures.

She tells him about one little change could effect everything. His being bit by a spider led to him where he is now. But what if someone distracted Peter when the spider descended towards him? It would land on the floor and be squished. That would lead to Peter possibly becoming a recluse after being picked on and becoming obsessed with video games – finding worlds that he can control versus the one he feels he can’t. Another he uses the anger in a creative fashion and becomes a billionaire by the time he’s thirty.

Peter is done with this conversation, but the woman reveals herself to be Mephisto. And he promises that he has the power to make the change necessary to save his aunt. But he won’t do it for Peter’s soul, because he doesn’t find it fun that people can suffer with dignity in the afterlife for helping someone else. Instead, he prefers misery. So he offers Peter the chance. Did he really mean he would do anything?

Peter says he can’t make this decision alone. Mephisto knows that and directs Peter to a hotel room. In that room, Mephisto is making the same pitch to Mary Jane. When they ask for what he really wants, he says the following:

“What I want is greater than what one paltry soul can provide me. What I want is the one thing in the universe that is truly greater than the sum of its parts and tastier than any single soul I could devour. I want that which gives you joy, that which sustains you in your moments of greatest despair, the source not of your power. But of your strength, your happiness, your dreams and your passion. I want your love…I want your marriage.”

Peter starts telling off Mephisto, but Mary Jane tells him to wait and allow Mephisto to finish his terms. Mephisto will give them one more day to make the decision. If this goes through, they will forget the bargain. They will forget the moment. Even parts of what led up to this moment, but they will have it locked away in their soul knowing something is amiss. That’s where Mephisto will get his joy – that unknown screaming to be heard. By midnight the following day, Peter will either lose his marriage, or lose his aunt. The decision is theirs.

The Amazing Spider-Man #545 – Part 4

Peter wakes up in bed and sees Mary Jane standing in the bathroom. She is struggling to process everything. She asks Peter a question – May has had a long life. Can’t he just let her go?

Peter says what he has told everyone else to this point. If this was a normal death, that would be one thing. But the bullet meant for him is what killed her. He holds himself responsible, and if she dies, he couldn’t live with himself. Which puts MJ in a position that if she allows May to die, then it’s her fault that May died AND broke Spider-Man mentally. He promises her that if they make the decision together, he would handle it better.

They hold each other. A long time. Spending their last moments together in a warm embrace and silence. Mary Jane says “I remember all of it. Every little detail. And no matter what that monster does, nothing will ever take that away from me”

Suddenly, Mephisto shows up. Peter wants a little more explanation of what happens. Mephisto explains, they never got married. Period. Their lifetime doesn’t change, just that one little moment. But before he can explain, midnight creeps up and the decision has to be made.

MJ tells him there are things that still won’t work, because Peter’s identity is still known and something similar can happen. Mephisto explains – their love is special. Something unlike any other love in the universe. He is willing to let everyone forget if it means he gets the joy of eating that misery.

Peter thinks against it, but MJ instead says yes. However, she has another stipulation. She wants Peter to be truly happy. Mephisto is unsure about that, but MJ whispers something to Mephisto and as time ticks away, Mephisto only has one agreed decision. Peter agrees with MJ saying it’ll be okay.

Magic starts swirling around, and while it happens, Mephisto is surprised he didn’t ask about the little girl. Because she was also another possibility. A possibility of what could have been with MJ and Peter. She could have been their little girl years later, which hits MJ and Peter hard. However, in these last moments, MJ looks Peter in the eye and tells him they will find each other again. They share their love with one another and share one last kiss. We see a double page spread of their relationship. Riding a bike. Kissing. Swinging through the city as Spider-Man. Their marriage. Their last kiss fades into black.

Then Peter wakes up. He has slept past his alarm and he runs downstairs and kisses his Aunt May on the cheek while grabbing a hot pancake and heads out the door. He is supposed to be at a big welcome home surprise party. He heads off and meets up with Flash Thompson in an apartment. Peter catches MJ out of the corner of his eye, and Flash mentions “Yikes, awkward! Things still frosty with MJ, huh?” Apparently Peter did something she may not forgive.

Suddenly the guest of honor has arrived – Harry Osborn. Harry brings in Lily Hollister and Carlie Cooper, both of whom now meet Peter. However, it’s MJ leaving that catches Peter’s eye. Harry and Peter share a drink together over a toast to “A Brand New Day”.

One Moment in Time:

Quesada would follow up One More Day in 2010 when he wrote One Moment in TIme. In it, he illuminates what the one change by Mephisto was that resulted in the marriage being lost. In it, Spider-Man stops Electro and his gang. However, Mephisto (as a pigeon) lets one of the gang members out causing Spidey to go after him. It results in both falling from a building with Spidey taking the brunt of the impact causing him to go unconscious – which leads him to missing the wedding. MJ knows why he missed the wedding, and the only way she will agree to try again is if he gives up being Spider-Man. He declines. She leaves him, though her Aunt Anna is able to convince her to get back together with him. No marriage though.

However, she stays with him all the way through Civil War. There, Aunt May still gets shot after Peter unmasks, but Peter performs CPR which is able to resuscitate her and keep her alive.

Wilson Fisk is informed of May’s survival (by a disguised Mephisto no less) and he decides to take out Anna Watson now. Mary Jane is able to stop the assassin (who we find out is the same gang member from Electros gang that caused Spidey to miss the wedding), but she is injured during the whole thing. Dr. Strange is able to save Mary Jane, and Peter tells him that he wants everyone to forget he is Spidey. After some discussions with Tony Stark and Reed Richards, they perform the magic to make it happen. However, it would also result in Mary Jane forgetting as well. However when the time comes, Spider-Man pulls Mary Jane into the safe spell zone so she will remember too, though she wishes that he would let her forget. She is fearful of everything happening again if his identity is found out, and she doesn’t want to be with him because of it.

Random Trivia:

  • There was another major change that Quesada and JMS were really hoping to have accomplished with One More Day – bringing back Gwen Stacy. However, the debate between them and other creators would ultimately keep her dead. Does seem a little weird that Gwen being brought back was ok in Quesadas book despite being against changes that would have made other stories in Spideys history moot. This may have been a late game change, because at Wizard World Philly in 2007, Quesada mentions that Gwen may come back post-One More Day, but then they quickly move on after him and Jim McCann (PR) had a quick quiet chat after he dropped that comment.
  • Despite being widely panned by critics and fans alike, none of the four issues sold less than 100,000 copies when they released. Good sales for such a hated book.
  • The fourth issue has a number of credits not shown on the prior issues. JMS was okay with the credits being changed because Tom Brevoort and Axel Alonso had to make changes to the script to be closer to the original intention during the summit talks (as previously mentioned). Also, the final nine pages that brought about Brand New Day were all Quesada so he could easily flow into the Brand New Day story. JMS thought his input was so low on issue 4 his name should be removed entirely, but since he was involved in the book, Quesada convinced him to be co-credited.
  • Quesada didn’t want to simply divorce the two because he was worried that parents would have to explain why married couples would want a divorce. Alongside that, he hated the idea that either character would “give up” on their love through means of a divorce. Though, with Spidey being relatable…you would think going the relatable route is more in character than making a deal with the proverbial devil. He also didn’t want to kill MJ because he feels Spidey has too many deaths on his plate as it is, and Quesada actually feels like those deaths make the books worse if anything. In fact, much of his points seem to contradict each other. When asked about Ultimate Spider-Man fulfilling the “single Peter” route, he says that shouldn’t cut away from the main universe doing the same. But at the same time, if people want a married Spider-Man with kids, they have Spider-Girl they can read. So I guess the main universe shouldn’t have that?
    • Quesada likes to reiterate that Peter did not summon Mephisto. Instead, Mephisto sought out Peter and the only reason it went through is because Peter was at the end of his rope. And even then, it was MJ who pushed for the deal to go through, not Peter. In his eyes, this saves Peters character in a way because he was willing to lose something of great importance to him to save a life.
  • When asked about his feelings on One More Day, and specifically the marriage, Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee said the following
    • “I don’t have as much time to read the comics as I used to, but I do know what they’re doing with Spider-Man,” Stan said. He explained that Joe Quesada was an “extremely talented, thoughtful guy” and that he had good reasons for his decision.”If for some reason the sales slump, then they’ll bring her back,” he explained. “When you’re an editor of a comics company, you’re like God. You can kill people, you can bring them back. People wonder why I have such an ego. That’s why!”
  • He also wrote the Afterword for the trade as well. In it, he basically congratulates the bullpen for taking a huge chance on the story. Sure it may have angered fans, but sometimes you have to take chances to tell stories even if they don’t always hit. So for that, he thinks what they did was amazing and left open so many potential stories to keep everything interesting down the road.
  • Mary Jane whispers something to Mephisto that wouldn’t be shown until One Moment in Time. She says that Mephisto has to agree to leave Peter alone after the deal is done, which he agrees to. However, the original moment in One More Day has looped text sitting on top of each other. It says: “You will make me remember everything”. Clearly the team at the time was adamant MJ forgot all of this too, buuuuuuuuuut:
  • Following up on that, Nick Spencer recently retconned One More Day in a way and may be going further with it. In it, *Spoilers* 
    • At the time of these notes being taken: The pre-OMD Harry Osborn seems to have been resurrected from Hell as Kindred. In Amazing Spider-Man #55, MJ mentions that she remembers everything and Peter doesn’t. This seemingly puts everything post-OMD in a new perspective from MJs viewpoint, as I’m sure this is torturous to her in particular. We also see Dr Strange having looked inside of Peter and knows Mephisto has done something. At the time of these notes, we leave off with Dr Strange confronting Mephisto directly to ask what is going on. Much of these last few months of Spencer’s run is referencing One More Day specifically (even the party for Harry that bridged One More Day and Brand New Day).


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