The train that is Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 continues rolling with more recent and planned updates. This has, however, created an outpouring of support from the Xenoverse fanbase to release a third title in the series. Now that it has been 5 years since the previous game, the hope for an announcement is high.

So I wanted to take some time to detail things I would love to see in a third game. Is it feasible? Probably not all of them, and less so all of them together. But that’s why this is a fantasy. Starting with:

The Story

Credit: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75

So let me start here because if there’s something that has bothered me about Dragon Ball games, it’s the story. I am tired of rehashing the same story time and time again. I’ve watched the series. I’ve played the games. I want something new.

Thankfully, series like Dragon Ball Super and to the dismay of many, Dragon Ball Heroes, provide multiple stories that have rarely if ever been done. Pluck story out of there if need be. Moro and Granolah alone could provide a few hours of new content, especially with some Xenoverse shenanigans.

Not every Dragon Ball game has to follow the series beat-by-beat. The biggest one is Z, so even stories like the original Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT would be a breath of fresh air compared to replaying the Frieza or Buu sagas again. It’s become boring to play similar story beats in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 that I did back when I played Budokai, but even that had interesting What If stories to go along with it.

Credit: Bandai Namco and Arc System Works

Or, just give me something completely new. The story mode in Dragon Ball FighterZ is pretty laughable at best, but I at least appreciate it was something different. There are already Dragon Ball Heroes trappings in the previous Xenoverse games…just lean into that a bit more. I liked seeing different characters in there, but replaying the same sagas with an additional villain thrown in just…didn’t cut it for me.

So right there, give the next Dragon Ball Xenoverse a new story. Preferably one far enough removed from the Dragon Ball Z story so it feels fresher than the last two and Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot did. Whether this following is closer to Super or Heroes, it’s time for something different. Hell, I would take Dragon Ball AF before I ask to see the Cell Saga revisited again.

Create a Character

Credit: Bandai Namco and Dimps

One of my favorite things about the Xenoverse games is creating a character. I think a good amount of Dragon Ball fans have had an idea for one over the last several decades. Finally, a series allowed that to become a reality.

However, as great as it is, it also leaves a lot to be desired. For example, and this could tie into the story, it would be great if they could break up the plot and characters created into a good vs evil playthrough. Pick a Saiyan for example? From there, choose if you want to be good (Goku, later Vegeta) or evil (original Broly, Turles). The story could then diverge based on the pick if you want to ruin the timeline or save it. This would also tie into what masters you could choose, certain outfits, and more. This would give the player more reason to replay the game with multiple builds for more than a “just because” mindset.

However, expand on the types of characters too. Having Majin and Frieza characters was a great start. But what about demons like Dabura? An android class? Tuffles? Or literally any number of the species found in the Universal Survival arc in Dragon Ball Super. Each group would have its own perks (more energy as androids vs defense as majins for instance) allowing for more experimentation and creativity when making a new character.

More Customization

Credit: Bandai Namco and Dimps

The Xenoverse games have so many customizable options that make them stand out from other games, especially Dragon Ball games. They can, and should, do more though.

First off, add more. More hairstyles, more clothing and accessories (weapons like Trunks sword anyone?), degrees of destructible clothes, and so much more. Take the ball and run as far as you possibly can with it. But don’t stop there…COLORS!

My god, there was nothing more frustrating than the limitations put into some of these things. Why can’t I change the color of some of these clothes?! It’s ridiculous. The same goes with auras and ki blasts. Maybe I want my super Saiyan transformation to happen in a blazing blast of neon green. Perhaps I want to call him Super Saiyan Green and make up a whole backstory of this character with the simple addition of colors. That’s one small change to the game that can let the imagination of players run wild.

Create a Super

Credit: Bandai Namco and Dimps

As bad as the games are, the WWE games occasionally have great ideas. One of those ideas was the create-a-finisher mode. This could be something applied to Xenoverse 3 as well.

Imagine being able to piece together different moves. Wanna start out with a strike skill like Burst Rush but finish off with a Galick Gun blast? Why not?! Why not buff yourself with a Ginyu Force pose that ends with a staggering Solar Flare? This would allow for more seamless combos that look more natural to both gameplay and the Dragon Ball series itself.

I doubt going frame by frame would work the same way in Xenoverse, but it would still be great to see. It would make battles more fun, allow another mode for players to mess around with, and change up the super mechanic from past games.


I also never tire of destructibility. With new consoles and more power to use, the ability to really wreck shop increases. So let’s have these games up-the-ante. Make more of the environment destructible and even allow it to be part of the fight. Send someone flying into a building then blast it to cause the whole thing to collapse for extra damage.

It’s Dragon Ball. Things blow up, get wiped out, or change on a large scale. Not only should these things be permanent on a level instead of fading away, make them more grandiose. Make every level have an option to go through a massive change. Think of something like Split/Second where a certain action could shift how the level plays. I don’t want just a pre-and-post Namek getting ready to explode. Show me cities completely wiped out, cliffsides leveled, and more.

I also think having clothing showing battle damage (think Batman’s cape in the Arkham games) would be cool to see too. Not just after cutscenes. Let that play out in levels. Little changes like that in a fight go a long way.


Credit: AminoApps

Between the What If characters of old games to the vast amount of ones in Dragon Ball Fusions; it is time Dragon Ball Xenoverse has fun with these combinations. It even somewhat works based on how the game is played. The player has a chance to bring in companions to every fight…let them fuse!

Whether it’s fusing with the main character (which can be hard due to the customizations) or having your two buddies fuse; this can add in a whole other dimension to the game. Plus… it’s goofy fun. Take a look at Gokule and Tiencha from above and tell me those aren’t stupid. But you know what, I’m sure you would experiment with the idea, wouldn’t you?

It’s not only a nice nod to the previous games and a mechanic in the Dragon Ball universe itself, but it’s something fans have wanted too. So let’s add this as a possibility too.

More Characters

The roster itself is pretty decent, and it’s hard to complain. Especially since they continued to add more over the years. However, there are still some glaring omissions that they could add (and would provide new story content).

Listen, maybe there are not enough people out there to play as Garlic Jr. or King Vegeta. But I’m sure the interest in characters like them dwarfs people wanting to play as Raspberry or Appule. Even Cui who is part of the Frieza force that plays a bigger role in the anime than Raspberry or Appule, and even he isn’t in the game.

Credit: PlayGamesLK

Characters who are on the larger side such as Dr. Wheelo (original, not the new Heroes) and Hirudegarn could even be possible. If the giant apes are a thing, why can’t these two? And much like what I said in the story section, there are plenty of newer characters from Super and Heroes who could be added as well. Moro, Merus, Cumber, SSJ3 Goku Black, and more.

Let’s keep expanding the roster. There are still so many characters that could provide more fun and new story beats to this series. Budokai Tenkaichi 3‘s roster is incredibly large, but a new Xenoverse game could have the chance to surpass it.

Basic Improvements

Credit: Bandai Namco and Dimps

I feel like these things should be obvious “no duh” changes, but I still wanted to take a moment to comment on them. Each new iteration should chip away the bad and old of the previous games, and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 should be no different.

Online functionality should be one thing. Stable servers are obvious, but even adding more modes for players to interact in would be a perk. And also, Dimps please, don’t restrict certain moves or abilities from being usable online. If a player customizes their character a certain way, let that work online too.

Credit: Bandai Namco and Dimps

Also, rebalancing across the board. Saiyans are way too overpowered in this game, partly because of transformations, but there can be ways to make this more level. Again, adding in other races such as Angels could be a way to do it, but seeing as Xenoverse takes liberties as it is…just find ways. I also think certain super moves could use fixing. The number of times I would find myself stuck in a loop of the same exact supers used against me one after another while I was out was frustrating. Some feel like they can’t hit the broad side of a Yamcha. Fix these too.

And lastly, do away with the multiple currencies. Is there really a necessary reason for them? Not really. Just move them all to one thing whether it zen or medals and let’s be done with it.

Credit: Bandai Namco and Dimps

There we go. Those are some things I would like to see added.

What about you? Something you want to see? Sound off in the comments both what you are hopeful for or even if you think we will see a third game!

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