I, a Star Wars stan, will never buy this game.

During The Game Awards, there was a reveal that really got to me due to the fact that it is getting praised, even though the developers behind said game, are led by a talentless hack/sexist/racist/homophobic and overall sack of feces. I am of course referring to David Cage of Quantic Dream and the game I am referencing is Star Wars: Eclipse. When the VGU Reacts video Emmett and I did of the event goes onto YouTube you all will get a sense of what I was going through when I saw all the glitz and glamour of the pre-rendered trailer.

Star Wars Eclipse
Credit: Lucasfilm Games

Before I get into the game, I will get into the drama with David Cage and Quantic Dream. First of all, there was a lawsuit that occurred between Quantic Dream and French publications Le Monde, and Mediapart. This all stems from reports made by said publications writing about allegations made that Cage and co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière were cultivating a toxic work environment. This included everything from misogynist and racist jokes, to putting employees’ faces on Nazi soldiers and adult film stars. There were also the quotes David Cage made saying, “in my games, all women are whores” and “at Quantic Dream, we do not make games for f***”. If you have been following me on Twitter or have seen my pinned tweet then you would understand that the latter comment really made me angry, and my blood boil.

Now let’s move on and get to the Star Wars game. “Star Wars Eclipse” to which I jokingly went and said “nice, a game focused on Juno Eclipse!” We had previously known that Quantic Dream was working on a Star Wars game and I had mentioned on a prior podcast that a Star Wars game was going to be revealed on the 14th of December after looking at the schedule for December’s “_____ days of Star Wars”.

So, the trailer is prequel era set and features characters and locations both old and new. There’s Yoda, Nute Gunray, and more familiar sights. However, there’s something new and mysterious that fellow VGU writer Graydon Webb asked me the following in our Facebook group chat:

“Allan that Eclipse game… could that be about the Yuuzhan Vong? Or am I crazy? I don’t know much about them, but I googled Eclipse and them, and they even look similar.”

To simply put it without going in-depth, the mysterious enemy faction introduced in this game looks startlingly like the Yuuzhan Vong from Legends. These were the post-Original Trilogy villains in the old Star Wars Expanded Universe that existed prior to the Disney purchase of Lucasfilm.

What I am thinking is that they are repurposing the Yuuzhan Vong into the mysterious new force bent on destruction and inserting them into the prequels rather than their original in-universe debut. There was also a Yuuzhan Vong easter egg in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic which took place nearly four thousand years before the events of the first Star Wars film with the Mandalorian mercenary Canderous Ordo mentioning an asteroid-like object that looked like it was in a sleep mode but then awakening and speeding away faster than any other ship seen by Ordo.

What makes me want to angrily go Super Saiyan 4 and Rage Quit is the fact that people are not looking more into this and are going gaga over a pre-rendered CG trailer. I am going to be one of those people who are going to vote with their wallets and hope that more people do their due diligence and actually check that they are giving their hard-earned money to a company that should get said money.

(Source for Quantic Dream Legal Drama)

And… that’s that. Thank you for indulging me in this rant about how shitty the big-wigs at video game companies are becoming these days. What are your thoughts on this debacle? Check out the most recent Player’s Club where Emmett goes over his predictions for The Game Awards.

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