If you’re like us, you cherish the television you grew up with. We at VGU are very protective of our fond memories regarding the TV of our adolescence, as these shows no doubt turned us into the wonderful geeks we are today. No offense, guys.

One such television program from our friends at Nickelodeon was The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius. Created by John A. Davis and based on the film of a similar name, the show followed the titular Jimmy Neutron and his childhood friends (and enemies) as they struggled to survive puberty and the occasional alien invasion. The show was relatable, humorous, and meme-worthy as all hell, and it’s stood the test of time with spin-offs, video games, and a legacy that’s not uncommon from the Nickelodeon pantheon.

Seeing as the film, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, just turned 20 years old (and some change), we at VGU thought we would take a look back on our favorite memories of this beloved franchise. Of course, before we begin, we have to say thank you to everyone involved with this film and the show. It truly made our childhoods more fulfilled, and, on a personal note, this editor simply would not be who I am today without Jimmy Neutron.

Graydon Webb – The Contrarian American/President of the Llama Love Society

“Are You Going to Finish That Croissant?”

Credit: Pickle Rick

Looking back on the legacy Jimmy Neutron has left us, nothing comes to mind faster than the memes that have enriched my daily life for years. Jimmy Neutron was full of so many quotable moments, and I don’t just mean the show. Even the film included such gems as “I’m peeing! In the shower!” and “Oh, you gotta admit, that is pretty neat!” These lines introduced us to the wacky yet brilliant randomness on offer from this franchise.

Moving onto the television series, however, there are so many excellent episodes, each with their own special memes. I can’t even narrow it down to one that stands out above the rest, so I figured I’d give you a top 10, for old time’s sake:

“Anybody with a brain knows ‘e’ stands for… ‘elp yourself to some gas!'”
“You mean your salami leg, their salami leg, his salami leg, or Carl’s shoes.”
“I may touch that cheek!
“Naanee naanee naaaaaaneeeeee”
“Oh, that’s right! Big calendar shoot coming up!”
“Now raise the roof and shake your bootay!”
“Brobot’s got toothpaste all over his face!”
“Oooooooo Caribou!!”
I know!! Eleventy-six!”
“When you’re a duck, you’re a duck all the way from the first time you quack! to the last egg you lay!”

Now, if you’re like me, you can practically hear these quotes as you read them. That’s how ingrained this genius show was into my brain. Jimmy Neutron is one of those things in my life that I hold dear to my heart and I feel it truly made me who I am. There’s a certain charm to this show that you just don’t find easily, and I will forever be grateful to have grown up in the generation I did, thanks to shows like Jimmy Neutron. I really cannot grasp that it’s been 20 years. I am so old.

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