We are officially in the 2022 MLB season! Sort of.

This is going to be a dual-written VGU Reacts with myself and Graydon Webb reacting to the cover Star reveal and well… the other big announcement made.

Who Is Gracing The Cover of MLB 22?

Allan: It is none other than Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim superstar hitter/pitcher Shohei Ohtani. Yesterday at 11 AM EST, Ramone Russell and Luis Martinez of San Diego Studios wrapped up MLB 21’s content, mentioned how MLB 21 was the first in the series to be on Xbox systems, and the torch was passed from Fernando Tatis Jr to the next cover star. They then had some technical issues and threw it over to Times Square where it was officially revealed to the world that Shohei Ohtani would be the first pitcher to grace the cover of an MLB The Show game.

MLB 22 The Show
Credit: Xbox

Graydon: This came as no shock to you, Al, as I remember you predicted “Shotime” as the cover star just last week! I’m not as big of a baseball follower, so I had no clue as to whose feet were big enough to fill the MLB The Show shoes. Judging by the public opinion, however, it seems Ohtani was a perfect choice, with 2021 being a massive year for the 27-year-old two-way player. He broke multiple records and became the first pitcher/hitter All-Star player in the All-Star Game. The guy’s a beast, and his presence on the cover of MLB The Show 22 is well-deserved.

Where Can I Play It?

Graydon: I’ll leave it to Allan to reveal the big news, as I know they’re pretty excited about it. So much so that the news secured Allan’s instant preorder! Let’s just say… MLB 22 will certainly welcome some new gamers into the fold. In the meantime, I was pretty ecstatic to hear that on April 5, MLB The Show 22 will launch on Xbox Game Pass! This will be the second year in a row that the franchise has come to the subscription service on day one. I just love this, especially after not having to waste a ton of money on the lackluster offering last year. Game Pass will be a great opportunity for those hesitant to try the brand-new game, and I can’t wait to feel it out at launch! But Xbox players aren’t the only ones in for a treat, are they, Al?

MLB The Show 22: Destination Switch

MLB 22 The Show On Switch
Credit: Best Buy

Allan: Yes, you heard that right. For the first second time in the nearly two-decade history of MLB The Show, you will be able to take your game on the go and then come back home and play it on the big screen because The Show is coming to Nintendo Switch. After MLB The Show 15 was released on PlayStation Vita (it means life), Sony dropped support for the little handheld that couldn’t. Meaning that from 2016-2021 there was no way of taking your MLB The Show experience on the go. Well, now we can Graydon! (I’m still not taking either of my Switches outside of my house because I don’t want to get robbed or even worse: drop them) Literally not even ten minutes after the reveal was made for MLB 22 on Switch, I frantically reached for my OLED Switch and preordered the game. What about you Graydon?

So Many Choices, So Little Time!

Graydon: Well, Allan, if it weren’t coming to Game Pass, I would have a rough time trying to decide where to play MLB 22. The game has stretched its features across all the platforms, making no one version seem better than the rest. For example, Sounds of the Show – the ability to play your own music in-game – is exclusive to the PS4 version yet again, while the Stadium Creator still remains exclusive to next-gen consoles. Further disappointing is the fact that once again, MLB 22 will not carry over year-to-year saves, meaning your progress from 21 will be left in the past. This just feels like such a slap in the face to fans, but I suppose if we don’t get over it soon, we’ll never let ourselves have fun with this franchise anymore. Some content will carry over, like logos saved to the vault, but things like custom stadiums and even purchased stubs will be lost to time – sorry Al.

MLB 22 The Show Coming This April
Credit: VentureBeat

Graydon: In the end, I think we’re both hopeful that MLB 22 will restore The Show to its former greatness. It’s possible to have an off-year and come back strong. Fingers crossed that’s the case here, and we’ll have an awesome game to review when MLB The Show 22 comes to all consoles – except PC, of course – on April 5! See you on the field!

For our review of last year’s disappointing iteration of The Show head here!

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