You ready for this, Playa?

Welcome back to the club this week, we have TIMESTAMPS! DO YOU SEE THAT DOWN THERE? Yep, you can finally jump to whatever topic you like if you only wanna hear part of the show instead of sitting through the whole thing. But you’re still gonna listen to the whole thing, right? 😏 

But besides timestamps, Emmett Watkins Jr and Allan Muir are here to react to some of the updates about Activision Blizzard. There have been a number of new developments and surprises in both the lawsuit and the acquisition by Microsoft in the several months since we’ve talked about the company, so it’s time we give some updated thoughts on the matter, huh?

Also, in the Whatcha Playin segment, Al talks about MLB The Show 22 and a few Comics, and Emmett talks about his time with Kirby and the Forgotten Land, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, and God Hand.

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