Ayyyy, it is I, the GamerSnitch. If you go through the family history, you’ll find that I’m directly related to the old EGM alumni Quartermann. I’m his cousin’s niece’s grandmother’s half-brother’s daughter’s long distant friend’s ex-boyfriend. Try not to think about it, the link is there.

Anyways, with the Quartermann having disappeared into the ether, it’s time that the GamerSnitch takes the mantle that’s clearly mine at this point. So here I am! Bringing you the 100% factual rumblings and going’s-on behind the scenes. I’ll try to jump in from time to time to bring more of what I’m hearing.

But for right now, absolutely not fabricated from my mind, here is the snitching:

1. Gotham Knights will have Bruce Wayne appear as the final Talon.

GamerSnitch - Court of Owls
Credit: DC Comics and Greg Capullo

The story revolves around Batman’s successors taking back the city from the Court of Owls after his death/disappearance. In the comics, the Court of Owls reanimates and brainwashes the dead to become assassins. The “twist” at the end is that Bruce Wayne is the final Talon and his former sidekicks must stop him to end the Court of Owls threat. Or at least, that’s what I’m hearing and I’m stickin’ to it.

2. The new Saints Row game will have a post-credit stinger with the Saints from the original games showing up.

GamerSnitch - Saints Row
Credit: Volition and Deep Silver

In a way to tease the sequel and appease fans of the original games; Volition will tease the original Saints reuniting. This comes after the events of Gat Out of Hell where the Earth has been recreated and Johnny has found his former friends. However, they don’t like the idea of a new group utilizing the Saints’ name while they are around…What better way to do something new while including the old than to have the two groups go toe-to-toe, am I right?

3. The Switch Pro will be revealed and set to release at the same time as Breath of the Wild 2. It will be named Switch Plus.

GamerSnitch - Breath of the Wild 2
Credit: Nintendo

After COVID threw a wrench into the plans of a Switch Pro, Nintendo held off until supplies were fixed and they had a perfect game to go along with it. Mirroring the Switch release, Breath of the Wild 2 will be that game to pick up at the same time as its release. It will not be a true follow-up to the Switch but will have improved specs. No exclusive games, though Nintendo may push “Best on Switch Plus” the first year or two.

4. Jaleel White in talks for the Sonic 3 movie.

Credit: SEGA of America

I’m waaaiiiiiittttiiiiinnnnnggggg as a lot of people are for the next Sonic film. My man on the inside says Jaleel White is being targeted as the voice actor for the next antagonist. If you saw the end of Sonic 2, there’s no shadow of a doubt which character this is in reference to.

5. Bloody Roar Returns

Credit: Konami

Konami has been dipping back into video games, and many rumors are floating around such as Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill. Sony is looking to fund another one as an exclusive, especially now that EVO is under their belt. Expect a return that furries can fully get behind as Bloody Roar is planning to be resurrected.

There we have it. The Gamersnitch’s so-called sources who are on the street bringing me those juicy details. There’s more boiling below the surface, but I’ll hold off on bringing those to light until they rise a bit more to clear view. Until then, never forget the saying: snitches bring riches.

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