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Three years since its’ announcement at E3 2019, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga finally released this year. While certain VGU staff members will no doubt want to play it, some (and mostly I mean me – Josh Miller) have little interest. Not because of the type of games Traveller’s Tales release. Oh no, the LEGO games are genuine fun. But because of the property used in the new game.

So I thought, “Hey, why not do a roundtable where we talk about properties we want to receive the LEGO treatment”? Lo-and-behold, here we are. So I gathered some folks together to talk about what we would love to see Traveller’s Tales tackle next as a LEGO game. Let us know in the comments if something else would get you throwing down money in a frenzy!

Josh Miller – The Family Man

LEGO Nintendo

Lego Super Mario
Credit: LEGO and Nintendo

Dear Nintendo,

You claim to be a family friendly company. It’s clear too; your games showcase that point perfectly. Which is why working with Traveller’s Tales and giving them free reign of your huge catalogue would be wonderful. You’ve already been okay allowing outside studios to do something with your franchises – Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Cadence of Hyrule, and New Pokemon Snap; just to name a few. So why not let a studio as well regarded and beloved as Traveller’s Tales take a shot as well?

Imagine running around an open world based on Nintendo properties. I originally thought Mario would be enough, and it probably would be, but let’s shoot for the stars here. Super Smash Bros. has already opened the door for crossing franchises over, and Traveller’s Tales could make a better and more engaging story than what that game did. Even something as simple as “all the bad guys team up” would be perfectly fine. Each level could take place in a different Nintendo world of sorts, and even certain locations like Hyrule or the Mushroom Kingdom could act as their open world areas. It practically makes itself!

Lego Luigi
Credit: LEGO and Nintendo

Plus, there’s already the LEGO Mario sets out there! One foot is already in that wading pool. This could lead to even MORE LEGO sets based another Nintendo IP. Who doesn’t want to sell more merchandise, am I right?! Being able to buy a huge Hyrule Castle set or build the BrickHeadz figures of Donkey Kong or Kirby. It practically sells itself!

Nintendo, you are the perfect company to work with Traveller’s Tales. The tone of their games fit in line with the type of content Nintendo loves to release, and the quality of their games is always amazing. Add in how much love and attention they craft their worlds with not only with fun and humor, but also the nice easter eggs and nods that fans can really get behind. So please, if you read this, throw the option out to Traveller’s Tales and see if they would be interested. I have a hunch the fans of Nintendo games certainly would.

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