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Contender 1: The Flaming C (Conan O’Brien)

Credit: Conan O’Brien, DC Comics, Bruce Timm

A little over 10 years ago, a weird bit of advertising occurred for the Young Justice animated series. It wasn’t a commercial or some elaborate ARG. Instead, it involved Conan O’Brien. There, Conan created his own superhero. He dubbed it: The Flaming C.

Bruce Timm would illustrate this hero with Conan throwing out ideas for the character. It was then interwoven into short clips of the show in place of where Superman would appear. He would continue making appearances over the years whether it through other shorts or a “movie trailer” and even fans dressing up at cons.

Not a ton is known that could be used for his move set, but we do know some. There are apparent Superman parallels such as heat vision and flight. He also has the ability to shoot fire from his hand, so the option for a projectile is there too. With some ingenuity, and maybe more influence (and voiced) from O’Brien, his move-set could be flushed out a lil bit more.

Credit: Conan O’Brien, DC Comics, Bruce Timm

In the end, the Flaming C would be a unique and bizarre choice for a Multiversus character. In my opinion….that works. Throw in a chance to have Conan O’Brien as a potential skin, and it’s a dumb but fun enough inclusion to add to the game.

Contender 2: John Cena

Credit: WB, WWE, and John Cena

I know it’s difficult, but if you stare really hard, you may catch a glimpse of the man named John Cena. A man who appeared not only as Peacemaker for The Suicide Squad, and not only in an upcoming (maybe?) live-action movie as a lawyer featuring Wile E. Coyote but also in an animated Scooby-Doo movie.

Yes, the Doctor of Thuganomics himself has ties with Warner Bros. in multiple ways. So instead of picking one character, I’m just going to say John Cena with a number of skins at his disposal for his many WB roles and different outfits during his tenure in the WWE.

Now, power-wise, he has a bit at his disposal. Obviously, his skills in the ring with the Attitude Adjustment or Five Knuckle Shuffle are obvious possibilities along with the chance to turn invisible and not see him. He could stun enemies with his physique by ripping off his shirt like he did Daphne in the Scooby movie or even whip out his pistols ala Peacemaker. Whatever the choice, a decent move list could be made with John Cena.

John Cena is widely known enough to be a great addition to Multiversus. Not only does he fit well within the game itself, but he is a type of addition that would draw eyes to the game while being different enough from the rest of the roster. So it is for those reasons that I feel John Cena would work well with Multiversus.


Credit: WB Interactive Entertainment and Player First Games

And there we have it, the first two contestants for the Multiversus Roster Showdown. Vote for whomever you would love to see in the game over on our Twitter post embedded below and come back next week for the next round of fighters!

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