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Contender 1: Pinky and the Brain

Multiversus Roster Showdown - Pinky and the Brain
Credit: Tom Ruegger, WB Animation, and Amblin Entertainment

Although the Animaniacs themselves are rumored to be coming to MultiVersus, that doesn’t mean these would-be world-conquering pipsqueaks’ shouldn’t have a shot. In a show that featured the likes of so many characters from Slappy Squirrel, The Goodfeathers, Mindy and Buttons, and so many more; only one set of characters really gave the Animaniacs a run for the popularity money. Pinky and the Brain set out to take over the world, and while they didn’t succeed, they did manage to take over the hearts of many a child back in the day.

Many of the potential moves probably come down to Brain and his inventions. For example, if they don’t have him pulling a magnet out and bringing Saturn down, then what are we even doing, right? Maybe jump into a mechanized man suit as big as the Iron Giant or throw a romance novel to stun people for a second. There are plenty of off-the-wall shenanigans from the show to pull from so finding something worth utilizing wouldn’t be difficult.

Much like the move-set, the possible skins are plentiful. You see, Pinky and Brain didn’t mind dressing up. They’ve dressed up as superheroes: The Cranial Crusader and the Pink Wonder. They dressed up as knights during their quest to tame a dragon. There’s even an episode where they see the future and you witness what their older selves look like. Suffice it to say, there’s plenty there to pull from.

MultiVersus Roster Showdown - Pinky and the Brain 2
Credit: Tom Ruegger, WB Animation, and Amblin Entertainment

The biggest potential issue with these two is the size. If Tom and Jerry are anything to go by, MultiVersus may prefer having one larger fighter in a duo. However, Pinky and Brain have a lot worth working with, and even doing something like a growth ray as an intro could satisfy the developers. At the very least, if they don’t make it in as fighters, maybe just have us fight in a cage where we have to knock opponents through the holes to win.

Contender 2: Cow and Chicken

Multiversus Roster Showdown - Cow and Chicken
Credit: David Feiss, Hanna-Barbera Cartoons

Mama had a chicken. Momma had a cow. Fans would be proud, and they wouldn’t care how they got into MultiVersus, only that they do. The late ’90s saw the birth of new and popular cartoons, especially on Cartoon Network. One of those cartoons, Cow and Chicken, continued the tradition of weird and kind of gross comedy that Ren and Stimpy preceded after appearing on the creator-centric short-cartoon series What a Cartoon! It would be an excellent opportunity for MultiVersus to include a character(s) that helped represent another era of cartoons.

What would they do though? Well, outside of Super Cow, they don’t really have any defining moves. However, there is enough slapstick and wacky things in the show that would give the developers something to work with. The obvious thing would be to treat them like Tom and Jerry. Cow being Tom and using Chicken as a side weapon of sorts to get off attacks. But including moves like Cow shooting milk from her udders or swinging a giant weenie around like a bat are two other examples of odd moves that can be associated with these two characters.

In terms of additional skins that can be used, I might run into a problem here. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve watched Cow and Chicken. As I’ve mentioned previously, Super Cow is one that immediately pops into my head. However, I know there was also an episode where an evil chicken was a photocopy of the original. Go ahead and make one of Cow too. There was also their cousin boneless chicken. Find a way to make that work too. But I think the most fun could actually be having The Red Guy as the characters, just in costume.

Multiversus Roster Showdown - Cow and Chicken
Credit: David Feiss, Hanna-Barbera Cartoons

That whole time period of Cartoon Network cartoons feels grossly underrepresented. They were a huge part of a generation of kids and including Cow and Chicken would be one step into that wading pool. Trust me, more of those spots will be argued for in the future too. But Cow and Chicken holds a special place for many and would be a wonderful character slot to be filled in MultiVersus.


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