MultiVersus Roster Showdown: Match 5

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Contender 1: The Infraggable Krunk

Dexter’s Laboratory featured some short cartoons within the show itself. One of those shows was called The Justice Friends, a spoof of the Justice League and Avengers. Being one of the three heroes, Krunk was the loveable buffoonish musclehead Hulk character. As there was a rumor about MultiVersus having Hulk on the backend, my thoughts went straight to Krunk. What if….what if Krunk is this character? Well, even if it isn’t, maybe it’s time I suggested that he is and what would make him a great character for MultiVersus Roster Showdown: Match 5.

The powers of Krunk are pretty basic and sort of what people have in mind as a Hulk analogue. However, because of the nature of the show, there can still be fun with him. Clearly, his strength will be a factor. But what if he pulled out the Puppet Pals for less powerful but speedier hits? He was shown to grow stronger by laughing, so similar to Shaggy’s power-up, the same can be done for Krunk. He has also shown the ability to shrug off most attacks. Why not double down on his immovable object side and give him the ability to remain grounded? The downside would be slower movement and the inability to jump, but you also couldn’t be knocked out for a short amount of time. He is definitely tricky to work with, but I think Player First Games could figure him out.

Then the alternate costumes. Oh boy, Krunk sure loved to dress up in that show. First off, switching colors and making him look more like the Hulk is probably a given. Assuming that doesn’t step on any Disney’s toes at least. But in the show itself, he dresses up as a rat, a Puppet Pal girl, a businessman, Wilma Flintstone, and more. In terms of bonus outfits for Krunk, there are no shortages on that front. I am not going to lie though, beating up on Batman with a Hulk-like character dressed as Wilma Flintstone sounds pretty awesome.

Krunk may not be the biggest name on the show, much less who would be on the roster. But I think it would be pretty cool if MultiVersus featured more characters that weren’t the obvious choices. He would be a fun addition to the roster while being a somewhat deep cut for those who love not only Dexter’s Laboratory but Cartoon Network. Cartoon Network, in general, hasn’t been as represented as it probably should be considering its popularity from the mid-90s onward. Including a character like Krunk though would be one way to acknowledge that time of cartoons.

Contender 2: Monkey

The second superhero from the beloved cartoon Dexter’s Laboratory is no other than Dexter’s pet monkey…Monkey! While he did appear in the main cartoon itself from time to time, he had his own short within the series too called Dial M for Monkey. Here, we learn that he is more than a mere monkey and actually a superhero when Dexter isn’t around and the world needs help. He was Perry the Platypus before Perry the Platypus.

Monkey has some interesting powers available to him. For instance, Monkey has the ability to utilize energy blasts and fields. This could be a projectile attack or even a defensive maneuver to ward off attacks. Monkey can also fly and shoot lasers from his eyes much like Superman, so there’s an easy move there. He also can use his special sonic powers as well. Using his voice, he can use it as a large pushback move to try and blow enemies off a stage for instance. Last but not least, he has some telekinetic powers. Being able to pull up rocks or something from the ground allows for moves similar to Shaggy’s sandwich toss or projectiles of that ilk.

Here’s where Monkey may suffer. I don’t recall a ton of weird outfits for the character. Obviously, MultiVersus could add in the non-costumed version and have him be just a monkey. Changing colors may be okay, especially if they can make it as different colors as nods to other characters such as Mandark’s pet Quackor or dress him as the characters like Simian. Even something a little weirder – have him from the neck down appear as an x-ray like the Dial M for Monkey intro. Again, not the strongest argument for Monkey but…well…he’s a monkey. Isn’t that enough?

Much like Krunk, Monkey is another one of those non-main characters who would find a slot on the roster and be loved by certain fans. Despite that though, he would just be a fun character to play as. Monkey has a number of different powers that could define his move-sets in ways to add him to a number of different play types. Plus, have I already told you…he’s a monkey!

So there’s our next two combatants for the MultiVersus Roster Showdown. Who will survive the Twitter Poll Crisis? Vote in it at the embedded tweet below!

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