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Now to do something a little different this week…


Contender 1: The Scarecrow

The first contender for this match is also Dorothy’s first real friend she made in Oz. What the Scarecrow lacks in brains, he makes up for in heart and….somewhat a little courage. While he may be easily flammable and I can’t imagine packs a punch being filled with straw, let me take a crack at adding this character in MultiVersus.

The problem with the Scarecrow, and the following two contenders, is that they don’t really do much in the way of fighting. So many liberties have to be taken. So we have a scarecrow here. Why not give him the ability to summon crows from his arms as a projectile? Let’s also work on the stake that held him up originally. It’s now a down attack move. Make him Christ-pose with the stake behind him and stick out from his feet to stab those underneath him. Finally, let’s give him a move that will hurt his health as well, but maybe at the expense of more damage to others with a lasting condition – set the dude on fire. Have him run around like a madman, and his attacks do more damage and cause enemies to catch on fire too. There you go Player First Games, there are some attacks for him.

Now we get to something that can be frightening…the alternate skins. Throughout the years, The Wizard of Oz has had many versions, offshoots, and more. So let’s utilize some of those. What if you could change this guy out with the Scarecrow from Return to Oz? Or how about The Wiz? Even the Muppets had a version of Wizard of Oz….so give him a Kermit Scarecrow skin. Maybe a good chunk of them aren’t the most visually appealing, but maybe that is part of the charm too. And terror, because some are nightmare-inducing.

While he isn’t the most intimidating character of the trio, he could stand on his own in MultiVersus. Some creativity can go a long way for a move-set especially if you focus on little things to boost attributes for him. Tin Man may be the brawn, and we can give the Cowardly Lion the speed…so maybe Scarecrow could have some bounce in his step with higher jumps due to how light he is. Whatever the decision, with some thoughtfulness behind it, he could make for an interesting spot on the roster.

Contender 2: The Tin Man

Our second traveler with Dorothy is the caring, but rustic, Tin Man of Oz. Despite being the clear opposite in terms of bodily solidness, the Tin Man isn’t really any braver. However, he could make for an interesting fighter in the game. Of course, like the Scarecrow, that requires some effort of creativity.

So let’s start with an obvious one. Oil. The thing that gets him going in the first place. Maybe he has some on hand that he can either throw at people to blind them momentarily or spill some on the ground as an environmental hazard of sorts. He also has his hat steam thing he does. Maybe he can use that as an up attack or bend over and shoot it forwards in an attempt to knock enemies off the map. If we assume that he joins MultiVersus after getting his heart, why not make him modeled after Superman’s kryptonite-hearted villain Metallo? Let him open up a chest cavity and shoot some rays out of his heart like a Care Bear. There are a lot of fun things that can be done using the Tin Man.

The costume section may as well be similar to all three of these characters. Perhaps there’s a chance the Tin Man appeared by himself in another property, but it would be rare if so. So I shall say some similar options here like The Wiz or Gonzo Tin Man in the Muppet version. Even using the Tin Woodman from the book, just a black and white version running around, would be cool.

He may not be as nimble as the other two opponents, but ideally, Tin Man would be the strongest. His unique body allows for a number of interesting moves that could be at his disposal, and secretly, I want to hear that clunky boy bouncing around a MultiVersus stage. Question is…how would he take to someone like the Iron Giant?

Contender 3: The Cowardly Lion

Beware anyone who stands in his way, cause he’ll tear you apart! This lion may talk the talk and pretend to walk the walk, but he sure is a coward. WELL, THAT’S ABOUT TO CHANGE IN MULTIVERSUS! Give this cat and his curly locks a chance and you’ll see he can be a threat to behold.

The effort here needs to focus on him being a lion. The most he does in the film is pretend to be tough. So assuming he would go through with it, he could have some pounce attacks and maybe some swipes of his claw. Add in a bite while we are at it. However, there would be something comical about having a “runaway” move like he did when he was scared by the Great Oz. Maybe it can act like Velma’s running move, but just as a hit to the enemy instead of picking them up. He could even give a huge roar that could leave enemies shaking or a pushback move of sorts. I don’t even care if you give him a scepter that kings sometimes have.

Now the trouble with alternate skins here is…he’s a freaking lion. But the lion we are talking about here is more humanoid in The Wizard of Oz, but more of an actual lion in other works. So if those are possible, great. But maybe even focus on the royalty part. Give him a crown and scepter. Give him one of those cool billowy capes. Make him an actual lion with a crown and cape. Get dumb with it.

Rounding out the trio is the Cowardly Lion. A true definition of bark is worse than a bite. But that can change with him as a character in MultiVersus. Of the three, have him be on the speedier side as he showed during the movie. Let his lion instincts come out and be that fearsome king we all know he can be!

Yes, with the rumor of the Wicked Witch joining the ranks of MultiVersus, it only makes sense that someone from Dorothy’s crew should too. So who should it be? Hop on over to the VGU Twitter (embedded below) and make your pick!

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