MultiVersus Roster Showdown Match 8

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Contender 1: Harold and Kumar

MultiVersus Roster Showdown Match 8 Harold and Kumar

Harold and Kumar may be the most difficult “fighters” to argue for. A good chunk of the humor is a stoner and situational comedy, neither of which really translate well into a game like MultiVersus. So it really comes down to – how creative can one get using elements of those movies to incorporate into the game.

I think there are elements with this duo that could fit into a similar style as Shaggy. I think basic combo-wise, punches and kicks would be the route to go. Like Shaggy, pulling out a sandwich could be replaced with a White Castle burger either as a projectile or even a healing item. Taking the weed into account, there could be a “smokescreen” like a move to limit visibility. I also think it would be wise to incorporate a cheetah by having them hop on and run across the stage as Jake does in his car form. There are certain things to use from the movies, and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen either, but Player First Games could probably come up with some interesting attacks if they were to watch them.

From what I recall, there isn’t a ton of weird outfits that these two weird. Just…clothes. However, one costume they could wear would be their orange jumpsuits from Harold &Kumar: Escape From Guatanamo Bay. It’s much different from their typical gear, so it would definitely stand out more. There are also the blue and gold Christmas show outfits they wore in the A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas movie. But maybe one that would work very well with them, though may require some wheelin’ and dealin’ with an outside company – put them in White Castle employee wear. Dress them up as Scooby-Doo and Shaggy for all I care. Be as goofy with them as they are in the movies.

Again…not exactly the most obvious choice for MultiVersus. But, they do have ties with Warner Bros., so they technically work. They are an out-of-left-field slot for the roster, but one that could be a fun curveball to throw fans. Suffice it to say though, they may have some stiff competition with the next duo…

Contender 2: Tenacious D

MultiVersus Roster Showdown Match 8 Tenacious D

The duo who has beaten the devil a number of times have come to take their rightful place as the greatest fighter in MultiVersus. Much like in their New Line Cinema film Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny, they will use whatever they can at their disposal to defeat their competitors. And if the movie isn’t enough for you, there’s some fun to be had using their music as well to pick what they can do in the game.

To those familiar with Tenacious D’s music or movie, one knows they are a tad raunchy. So much so that adding in something like…pushups…may not be doable. However, as they are musicians, their instruments could prove a viable weapon. Whether swinging their guitars as bats or a power chord acting like a pushback attack are options. As is Jack Black’s ability to inward sing which could act as a “get over here” Scorpion-like maneuver. Even having them throw kielbasa sausages as ranged attacks or turn into a phoenix for upward hits would be nice callbacks to their stuff. There is much more they could pull from, but that’s scratching the surface for Player First Games.

Both Jack and Kyle are not hesitant to have fun with their persona and look (see above pic). So I’m sure anything and everything could be fair game to them. Younger D, current D, or even post-apocalyptic D are some basic ideas. They can be patriotic or pull any number of cosplays. The alternate costume world is their oyster, especially if you bleed in other roles of Jack Black and play in those worlds a bit too. The sky is quite literally the limit.

They may have played the greatest song in the world, so there’s no reason to believe they can’t be the greatest roster addition for MultiVersus. Having them back to not only do announcer voices but even add in music could make it even better. At the very least, I’m sure they would be better received than their movie was.

There you have it. Two more possibilities for fighters thanks to Warner Brothers and New Line Cinema. But which duo do you feel would fit better in MultiVersus? Click on the embedded poll below to make your pick!

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