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Contender 1: T.O.M

Credit: Cartoon Network

The second host to take over the Cartoon Network Toonami gig, T.O.M would be a fun addition to MultiVersus. He signaled an important moment to many children – the introduction of Japanese animation such as Dragon Ball Z, Outlaw Star, Robotech, and more. He has been relevant to Cartoon Network for more than 20 years, so there are several generations of kids who recognize him.

Outside of some shorts, T.O.M hasn’t showcased a wide variety of abilities. We know he can use a laser gun of sorts, so that can be one of the weapons he utilizes. He can also command a robot army, so what if those can be minimized and used as an offensive or defensive ability too? Player First Games can also take some liberties with his armor. Give it shields or additional firepower of some sort. If possible, add in S.A.R.A. as well in some capacity as a wink and nod to people who remember the characters.

Over the years, T.O.M has had a number of changes through upgrades and transformations. Some are more major than others, such as T.O.M 4.0 where the helmet would be replaced with an actual face. Not exactly my favorite iteration…but it’s there. So those options prove viable choices for alternate skins. Mix in different colors and slight tweaks to the armor, and there’s plenty waiting in the wings for season pass options.

Credit: Cartoon Network

T.O.M would be a great addition to MultiVersus. He is a staple for many children over the years who grew up with Toonami. He was the bridge between generations having taken over for Space Ghost’s Moltar in 1999. He is in many respects, an iconic character, and one that should be recognized in the game.

Contender 2: Michigan J. Frog

Credit: Warner Brothers

T.O.M isn’t the only iconic host that WB has under its wing. Despite his origins decades prior, a good amount of people will recognize Michigan J. Frog from Kids WB and The WB. While his time as a mascot wasn’t as long-lived as T.O.M, it’s hard to deny his presence back in the 90s. So much so that he was the last image on the network before it officially became The CW.

Like T.O.M, Michigan J. Frog doesn’t have a lot of fighting on record. Obviously, his famous strut with the extended kicks has to be included. Long-legged melee blows as he lifts up his top hat and cane. There’s some fun to be had with his uncanny ability not to be seen as the old cartoon. Have him become unhittable by plopping down on the stage like a regular frog. Can’t hit or be hit. Most of the attacks should revolve around his legs and cane though, but make them all very old-timey dance-centric. It would be fun to see too!

As for alternate skins…I mean…he’s a frog. It’s rare to even see him in a suit. Maybe his top hat can be switched out for other hats. Or perhaps just dress him up in a random assortment of costumes. From what I recall, there isn’t a lot of history of him looking different, but why let that stop Player First Games? I’m sure dressing up a frog is more fun than it isn’t.

Credit: Warner Brothers

Like T.O.M, Michigan J. Frog represents a moment in time for kids. When he was on, you knew something good was just on or would be coming on. He is also a nice nod to cartoons from long ago in the vein of Bugs Bunny or Tom and Jerry. Being part of MultiVersus would be a great way for his legacy to continue.

Let the battle of the cartoon block mascots commence! Who would you rather see in MultiVersus? The Merrie Melodies turned Kids WB beloved Michigan J. Frog? Or the one who introduced anime to a bunch of American kids during Toonami, T.O.M. The choice is yours! Just vote in the poll at the Twitter embedded link below!

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