At the time of writing this, Player First Games has announced an arcade mode will be in Multiversus. No date is known yet. Neither do we know the details of the arcade mode. But if there will be an arcade mode, I know I want to see a final boss fight of sorts.

So in hopes that we can drop this article before they drop said arcade mode, here are some picks we at have for the final boss character.

David Zaslav – CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery

Credit: Paste Magazine

Ok, there’s no way this is going to happen. But after the merger, this is an obvious choice. Scrapped movies like Batgirl and the Scoob sequel, talks of screwing with kids animation, whatever is going on with HBO Max exactly, seemingly focusing on minority areas of Warner Bros to eliminate, and more; David Zaslav became an enemy to a lot of people real fast.

So how do we work him into the game? Perhaps all of Multiversus is his attempt at a Battle Royale approach to see what franchises stay and which disappear entirely. That’s the overrall plot – a tournament to see who is worthy of content in this new merger.

Attacks can vary. Instead of a sword, give him a pen. Down attacks can be him bringing a trash bin down on a character like he’s trying to throw them away. Essentially, find different ways to demean these properties in special ways, even if it means being able to summon or turn into characters that he got rid of. How bad would it be if he could turn into Batgirl Shang Tsung style?

He probably also has an ego that would result in the team being fired and the game being canned if he was made the final antagonist. Of course, there’s no guarantee that won’t happen anyways. So for that reason, I’m leaving him as my choice. He’s already made fans of these characters hate his business choices, why not let the characters hate (and fight) him while we are at it? And for poops and giggles, give us the chance to fight him as a training dummy. Let us just wail on this trash person without any option for him to fight back in this game. Might feel good to get out frustrations in this manner.

Credit: Bloomberg

Mr. Mxyzptlk

Credit: DC Comics

Yes, the 5th-dimensional reality warping imp known as Mr. Mxyzptlk would be another great choice as a villain. While typically a Superman baddie, his main goal is having fun – typically through making Superman’s life miserable in a trickster sort of way. The character has been around since the Golden Age of comics, but has appeared in the shows such as Superman: The Animated Series, Smallville, and even more recently; Supergirl. People usually like the character when he appears, and due to his personality and powers, would make a great fit as a final villain in an arcade mode for MultiVersus.

Because he loves dipping into other dimensions, Mr. Mxyzptlk is a perfect fictional character to rope all these characters together. The plot could be about him focusing on Superman if need be, but it could just be him playing around in multiple universes like a kid would be mixing types of toys from a playbox. And the reason? Because he can. And it’s fun. That’s really as basic as it has to get with him. A 5th dimensional imp just looking for some enjoyment at the expense of others.

Due to his powers, there are many ways to tackle this boss fight. At the very least, I want to see a transformation where he turns into the version we see at the end of Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow (picture below for those not in the know). But it could be a three tier boss fight. The first is him as his normal shorty self. Like he does in Superman: The Animated Series, he can transform himself to use as a weapon such as a rocket. Or he could transform others similar to Taz turning others into chickens in MultiVersus. The second form could be like Crazy and Master Hand from Smash Bros, but have a giant grinning head in the background too. Like that game, attack his hands enough to move onto the third phase – his “true” form from Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow.

There probably is no greater fictional character in WB and DC Comics that would fit the point of MultiVersus like Mr. Mxyzptlk. His abilities leave a lot for Player First Games to play with and narratively it just makes sense. So if MultiVersus were to get an arcade mode with a final boss of sorts, this would be a great fot for that role.

Credit: DC Comics

Al-G Rhythm

Credit: Warner Brothers

Someone who is already on record for bringing the many WB properties together is Space Jam: A New Legacy antagonist Al-G Rhythm. This would be a fun way to also include Don Cheadle sneakily into the game due to him being the actor behind Al-G Rhythm. He has multiple looks that can be used, his potential is near limitless due to what he actually is, and it all makes for a final boss that would work in MultiVersus.

As the AI who wanted recognition for his work, MultiVersus could be another attempt at that. Instead of a messed-up version of basketball, he has brought all the WB properties together to duel it out. He could be like Calypso in Twisted Metal – the man to grant the winner one wish…but only if they can defeat him. This could lead to fun “what would this character wish for?” type endings. The whole idea of the Serververse or whatever its called in the movie already serves as a springboard for this game. There’s no reason to avoid using it as a possible connector between all the characters and properties for MultiVersus.

Much like in Space Jam: A New Legacy, I imagine Al-G Rhythm would try to cheat. Perhaps he could manipulate the level or fight in different ways. The fight could start at the Adventure Time treehouse before shifting to the Batcave mid-fight. All the while, Al-G Rhythm could power up in multiple ways. Perhaps by shifting his body to reflect members of The Goon Squad and using their abilities/powers to boot. If Player First Games really wanted to shake it up some, do what they do in the movie. Make random things happen in the levels themselves. Flip it upside down, cause meteors to rain from the sky, or turn the characters tiny; all are options to mix up the final fight. Much like that basketball game in Space Jam: A New Legacy, make everything chaotic and unreasonably weird.

Al-G Rhythm is yet another character that just fits in the mold of MultiVersus. He can change up the gameplay at the end of an arcade mode while being the catalyst for why these characters fight. Plus, as I mentioned, it’s Don freakin’ Cheadle! Bring him in to do some voice lines. And even better, he works as a character that can have alternate costumes fitting any property because of his ability to travel the different worlds. Now think of the possibilities there, especially with Don Cheadle being the one who will be donning the various outfits…

Credit: Warner Brothers

Michigan J. Frog

Credit: GloryAnimation

When I heard we were doing a one-off about potential final bosses for Multiversus, the first character that came to mind was this crazy old frog. If you don’t remember Michigan, allow me to fill you in. Initially appearing in a single Merrie Melodies cartoon called “One Froggy Evening,” the story followed a man who discovered a jazz-singing frog. Michigan performed classic tunes of the early 1900s, but only in front of this man; when put on stage, the frog was just a frog. This inability to perform in front of a crowd made the man’s lucrative dreams fall apart, left with nothing but a rather annoying frog all to himself.

Some may hear this story and think, “why in the world should he be the final boss of a Warner Brothers fighting game?” Well, dear reader, this is because Michigan took the world by storm in the 90’s, becoming the official mascot of The WB from 1995 to 2005. I remember growing up, he was all over promotional material from Cartoon Network to Looney Tunes to Six Flags. Michigan J. Frog was a staple of the brand, appearing before television shows and even being used to launch The WB channel from the very start.

Unfortunately, Michigan was not forever, and in 2005, WB Chairman Garth Ancier declared, “The frog is dead and buried,” signifying the end to The WB and its focus on a “young teen” vibe. Apparently, Mr. Frog was too whimsical for The CW, and aside from a “revival” in a New Looney Tunes episode, he hasn’t had much time in the spotlight in recent years. Perhaps that’s fitting, though, as he wouldn’t really do much once the spotlight was on him.

Credit: Chuck Jones Gallery

In Multiversus, however, I feel he could be a formidable opponent! I picture a lot of top-hat-and-cane attacks, and don’t forget about his signature kick move. On top of this, he could do a lot of jumping around – he is a frog, after all – or perhaps he’d have some musical attacks, like Jigglypuff when he sings in Super Smash Bros. All in all, I think it’s time Warner Brothers dove into their roots and grabbed Michigan J. Frog out of the garbage can, dusted him off, and gave him a shot at some sweet revenge. “Hello, my baby! Time to DIE!”

There’s our picks! So question is…who would you want to see as a final boss in MultiVersus? Why? What could they do? Get those comments out over on the tweet to this article or in the comments below!

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