You ready for this, Playa?

It’s Game Awards time! Sadly Al is out this week, so instead Emmett Watkins Jr is joined by Elijah Miller of Easy Achievers to predict all of the winners of the big show. It’s a MASSIVE episode so grab a snack, maybe boot up a mindless video game, and strap in for one epic discussion of some of the year’s best video games. And if it really is too long, that’s what the timestamps are for!

And right at the end, only for a few moments, Elijah talks about his time with Callisto Protocol and Emmett talks about his time with Hell Pie.


Most Anticipated Game 4:33
Best Adaptation 16:59
Best Debut Indie 23:06
Content Creator of the Year 28:19
Best Multiplayer 36:38
Best Sports/Racing 42:15
Best Sim/Strategy 46:38
Best Family Game 48:41
Best Fighting Game 52:59
Best RPG 1:02:55
Best Action Adventure 1:09:40
Best Action Game 1:15:06
Best VR/AR 1:22:32
Innovation in Accessibility 1:28:53
Best Community Support 1:35:37
Best Mobile Game 1:48:17
Best Indie 1:53:39
Best Ongoing Game 1:58:40
Games for Impact 2:04:00
Best Performance 2:07:36
Best Audio Design 2:15:54
Best Score/Music 2:21:14
Best Art Direction 2:29:38
Best Narrative 2:38:06
Best Game Direction 2:48:50
Game of the Year 2:59:47
Housekeeping 3:17:29

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