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After all of this, we have reached the end of the road. GraydonJoshAl, and Emmett reunite again to polish off the last of our Game of the Year categories. In what initially seemed like a massive debate, the crew actually comes to a fast consensus by the end of the show. But after we crown the last of the winners, including our overall Game of the Year, we also discuss game franchises that we’re committing to finish throughout the year and announce the arrival of a new member of VGU.TV! Tune in to hear all of the twists and turns.

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Best RPG 5:41

Best Gun Game 36:36

Games that Cultivate Our Inner Zen 56:12

Biggest Fumble 1:06:44

Game of the Year! 1:45:48

What Game Franchise We Playin’ in 2023? 1:59:11

A New Face on VGU? 2:40:49

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