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Welcome back to the club! This week, Emmett and Al are back to talk about all of the juicy leaks coming out of the FTC’s trial against Activision/Blizzard and Microsoft. We talk about wild stories like: What other companies were Microsoft looking to purchase? Was Fallout 76 a success? What’s IO Interactive’s next game gonna be like? And we get into so much more because there is a LOT to talk about!

Later on, in the Whatcha Playin section, Emmett talks about Thymesia, and a bunch of Steam Next Fest demos and al talks about Aliens: Dark Decent and the Dead Space Remake.

TOTS: FTC vs Activison/Blizard & Microsoft Merger News 3:46
Whatcha Playin 50:03
Thymesia 50:59
Aliens: Dark Decent 55:20
Steam Next Fest Quick Hits 1:06:29
Echo Point Nova 1:07:30
El Paso Elsewhere 1:11:42
En Garde! 1:16:55
Loodlenaut 1:22:18,
Dead Space Remake 1:27:14
Housekeeping 1:35:43

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