You ready for this Playa?

Welcome back to the club! This weekEmmett and Al are back to talk about Rockstar’s latest release! No, GTA 6 isn’t out yet, but they did finally revisit Red Red Redemption, just in the least exciting way possible. What more could they have done with that simple port? Why is everyone so upset about it? All that and more gets discussed in this episode.

And in the Whatcha Playin Segment, Al talks about their time with Pikmin 4, AEW Fight Forever, and Baldur’s Gate 3 while Emmett talks about Wanted: Dead, Iconoclast, and Borderlands 3.

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  • Timestamps:
    • 4:13 TOTS: Red Dead Port Controversy                             
    • 46:33 Whatcha Playin                            
    • 46:47 Pikmin 4
    • 58:22 Wanted: Dead
    • 1:10:32 Baldur’s Gate 3
    • 1:13:24 Borderlands 3
    • 1:14:46 AEW: Fight Forever        
    • 1:17:08 Iconoclast
    • 1:19:32 Housekeeping

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