What is up, internet? Today we’re bringing you the coolest announcement since Fortnite Season Nine. Hold onto your butts, cuz Los Harrow Games just got an official Snapchat!

Is your mind blown? Have your socks been knocked off? Does everything seem a little…sticky? That’s okay! You heard me correctly, we’ve got a Snapchat. Now what are we going to do with it? Who knows?!

Obviously there’s gonna be some super rad PAX East coverage comin’ at ya this weekend, so that’ll help bring all you gamer kids into the fold. After that? Probably just cat pictures. And seeing as I don’t have a cat…this should be interesting.

Nevertheless, if you’ve got a Snapchat yourself, why don’t you head on over to @losharrow_games, give us a follow, and enjoy the incoming storm of nerd culture in the form of disappearing photos and minute-long videos! It’s gonna be a blast. See you on the battlefield!

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