“He is one strike away from the promised land!” – Vin Scully

Credit: Twitter

Yesterday it was announced that Sony’s MLB: The Show franchise had extended its partnership deal with Major League Baseball and the Players Association. While it may seem like nothing, the shocker was that the series would be going multi-platform along with the renewal. This means that after all my tweeting to Phil Spencer it finally led to something!

The official Xbox Twitter account then tweeted “No more away games.” This means that for the first time since 2013 when MLB 2k13 released on the Xbox 360, that there will be a sim baseball game on Microsoft platforms again. However, the fine print says “as early as 2021. Complete details will be announced at a later date.” This was an obvious fact as MLB: The Show 20 releases in a few months and it would delay work on the next game in the series. The real unknown is how The Show is going to get to other platforms. Will Sony San Diego have teams dedicated to porting the game? Will it be outsourced to another development studio? Only time will tell.

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