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This week Emmett Watkins Jr and Allan Muir talk about what they’ve been playing and also look at Media Molecule’s Dreams, the biggest new release of the last few days.

Emmett talks about his time with both Metro Exodus and Torchlight III’s alpha. Al discusses his time with Pokemon Green and Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu.

In the special segment, Emmett gives his thoughts on the final version of Dreams and they both discuss the impressive toolset and go through some of the impressive creations already built within Dreams.

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Josh’s Pokemon Review

Emmett’s Dreams Campaign Stream

Media Molecule dev Daniel Kidney’s Twitter

Dark Souls and Sekiro inspired Dream, 赤鬼 akaoni

Grim Fandango inspired Dream, DAMNED

Dreams content creator Project Genisis’ YouTube channel

Emmett’s The Walking Dead: Telltale Definitive Series Signature Collector’s Pack Unboxing

PushSquare article about Green Dreams, the album fully made in Dreams and released on Spotify

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