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Final Fantasy VII Remake

Credit: Square Enix

Back in May, I wrote my review for Final Fantasy VII Remake. So to read my full impressions of the game, it’s best to start there as I don’t plan on reiterating too much on it. Suffice it to say, it’s still my favorite game of the year. I still think about this game quite often, even while I was neck-deep in The Last of Us Part II, and I think that says a lot about the impression it left on me.

The game is what I was hoping for and more. Even my fears that I held prior to the game release were alleviating upon trying it for the first time. The combat was solid (outside of some inconveniences), the story was expanded on (for better or for worse), and the world of Midgar felt more complete than a mostly disposable setting that it was in the original. I can continue about the improvements, but that’s not the only reason I love the game so much. It’s also where it can go from there.

Credit: Square Enix

Without getting into spoilers, there is enough different from this game that leaves future iterations pretty open. That excites me. Not only can they improve the faults of Final Fantasy VII Remake, but they can tell a story that both old and new fans alike can be surprised about. That has drawn ire for many, but for me, it’s the best thing that can happen. I’ve already experienced the original. Now I’m being given something I didn’t know I wanted. I can still experience similar story beats while still getting something new. I don’t know when I’ll finally see it, but I can not wait.

There’s still plenty of competition coming out later this year. As it stands now, however, Final Fantasy VII Remake is the game to beat for me. Whether any game can is still up in the air, but I’m eager to see if any can edge it out. Not only is Final Fantasy VII Remake one of my favorite games of the year, but it’s also probably one of my favorites of this gen. I’m sure nostalgia is propping that up a bit with my love for the original, but the point still stands. I love Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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