The Game Awards are less than a week away. And with the most recent episode of Player’s Club focusing on the awards side of things, we here on the written side of the site wanted to write about reveals we are hoping to see at the Game Awards considering it’s something that is a part of the show now. So now, let us tell you about the reveals we are hoping to see at the show.

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Telltale Shows Something Related to Wolf Among Us 2

The Game Awards 2019 Wolf Among Us 2
Credit: VentureBeat

At The Game Awards show last year Telltale dropped a teaser for The Wolf Among Us 2 and that has mainly been everything newsworthy in regards to the game. Aside from the news that Telltale would be dropping the individual episodic release format, there has been nothing Telltale related since. As I type this there is a rumor that The Wolf Among Us 2 will be shown at The Game Awards with a winter 2021 release date.

The last time we saw Bigby and the other residents of Fabletown in the first season for the prequel to the Fables series, things were not really the best. This culminated with a trial that changed things for the less fortunate denizens who had connections with a Crooked figure and those who were given a bad hand, to begin with. Combined with a cliffhanger ending that put the entire game’s events in a new light, things were looking good until the end, albeit a brief end to Telltale Games in 2018.

Video Credit: IGN

As someone who heavily enjoyed both Telltale Games and The Wolf Among Us, I sincerely hope Telltale along with AdHoc make a virtual appearance to show something off of Wolf 2. That being said, I am a bit worried about where things could be taken with the story based on the initial script being dropped in favor of starting with a blank slate. For my sake, I guess I will have to tune in on Thursday night to The Game Awards.

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