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Welcome back to the podcast! We’ve been gone for a while due to the holiday break, but we have one hell of an episode today.  Emmett Watkins Jr, Allan Muir,  Josh Miller, and Graydon Webb are all here to go head to head over the best games of 2020. We have 15 total categories, but we’ll only decide the first 7 in this episode (because 3.5 hours is long enough!) Each category, much like Giant Bomb’s awards, gets one overall winner and two runners up. This episode’s categories are:

  • Best Game of Yesteryear
  • Best New Content To A Previous Release
  • Best Repolished Oldie
  • Best Role-Playing Game 
  • Best Action/Adventure Game
  • Best Gun Game
  • Most Addictive Game

We already butt heads on a few of these, and we have so many more games to talk about in Part 2! Stay tuned for the next recording, which should come to you at the same time next week (as long as we can record it by then 😬).

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