This week on the Week in News Podcast, Allan wasn’t there to keep us grounded so we went on some tangents! J.K. Rowling’s still the worst, Operation Raccoon City was a disappointment, and Bobby Kotick has been shot into the f***ing sun! Wait, did we talk about anything positive this week? Find out on this episode of WIN!

The News:

  • Nier Automata Doing Better On Game Pass Than Steam
  • Bobby Kotick To Receive Millions In Bonus Which Could Mean Layoffs
  • Marvel’s Exclusive Spider-Man Avengers DLC Delayed
  • Gotham Knights Delayed To 2022
  • Life is Strange: True Colors Announced, Previous Games To Get Remasters

Rumor Mill:

Blast From The Past: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (March 20th, 2012)*

*Editor’s Note: I was not around to do the podcast but you should check out the VGU Co-Op Madness Matt Mobley and I did in June of 2013 of Operation Raccoon City for VGUtv 1.0!


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