Today on WiN: Sony Takes Multiple Steps Back, Days Gone 2 is dead, A New Challenger Approaches G4, MLB The Show 21 is 5 days away! WE GOT THIS!


– Outriders Players Lose 100 Hours of Progress After Patch

– Homefront: The Revolution’s TimeSplitters 2 Dilemma Has Been Solved!

– The Last of Us Remake Is In The Works At Naughty Dog At The Cost of Days Gone 2

– Sony Has A “Counterpunch” To Game Pass According to David Jaffe

– Super Nintendo World Has Begun Construction At Universal Hollywood

– NeoPets Could Be Coming To Nintendo Switch 

– Is The Capital Wasteland Coming To Fallout 76?

– Sony Bend Tried “Unsuccessfully” To Pitch Days Gone Sequel 

Rumor Mill:

– Is An Xbox/Nintendo Partnership Happening?

– Is Game Pass Coming To Steam?


– The Player’s Club Podcast Episode 52: Our Hopes And Dreams For The Future of Xbox and Bethesda

– Hypertime to Podcast – Zero Hour Part 1

– VGU Plays MLB 20 The Show: Canadian Dominance 

– VGU Plays – Ducktales Remastered Part FINAL

– VGU Plays: Incredible Crisis – Part 1 – Teneo’s Story

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