What’s Up, Playa?

It’s E3 season! Or at least, it almost is. So, it’s time for Emmett Watkins Jr, Allan Muir AND special guest Joseph Hooper to react and speculate some of the announcements we’ve already gotten ahead of the official show. After geeking about the latest Horizon: Forbidden West gameplay, Far Cry 6 details, and Dying Light 2 reveals, we all then move on to speculate on the upcoming Koch Media, Battlefield, Nintendo, and Microsoft/Bethesda Events. Will we see Starfield? Will Battlefield 6 come to Game Pass? Will Saints Row V finally be revealed?

Well, before we get those answers, and after our guest has to step out, we then talked about the games we’ve been playing. Al talks about his time with MLB The Show 21 and Mass Effect Legendary Editon while Emmett talks about his time with Biomutant and Knockout City.

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