Microsoft has brought back the beloved Xbox Design Lab. For those unaware, a few years back Microsoft opened up the option for people to design the look of their controllers. They had ranges of different colors both for the controller itself and the buttons. At the time, they also allowed for engraving something on the controller, rubberized grips, and use of metallic colors. In October, they paused Xbox Design Lab with promises of it returning in 2021.

Now with the new generation of Xboxes out, the service has made a comeback. While the metallic colors and rubberized grips are no longer options, they added more colors and even the colors inspired by the original Duke controller for the face buttons.

However, that hasn’t stopped people (us on included) from running wild. People on forums and Twitter have showcased their designs. Some based on old systems, some based on characters, and some they just think look rad. So I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the ones I found. If there are others not posted here, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

And now…heeeeeeere they are!

If you’re looking to find more, there’s plenty to find online. Check out #XboxDesignLab on Twitter and you’ll find a ton more designs to get some ideas.

Now if only we could get PlayStation and Nintendo to do their version of Xbox Design Lab, the gaming world would be a better place. Until then…THANKS, MICROSOFT!

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