We can all think of one right? A game that really spoke to us but just didn’t sell well enough to deserve a sequel. Occasionally we are thrown a bone like Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst; but sometimes, nothing ever comes.

So we at VGU.tv wanted to take a moment to look back at games we loved that never received a sequel…but absolutely should have had one. Our picks are below and feel free to sound off in the comments!

Graydon Webb – The Contrarian American


Graydon Wants To Live in a World That Has A Bulletstorm Sequel
Credit: Steam

Take a moment and really think about this one for a moment. What’s one gaming experience that absolutely grabbed you and took you for a ride? It can be a strong narrative or some mechanics you’ve never experienced before, or it could just be an absolute thrill ride of dumb bloody fun that you’d love to experience all over again.

Bulletstorm instantly came to mind when I was offered up this question. Sure, I’d love to see a beautiful game like Never Alone get some more colorful Iñupiaq tales put to puzzles for me and my sister to tackle, but at the end of the day, I’d just love to live in the world of Bulletstorm again. I was a fan of this game from day one, and what I thought would become a massive franchise kind of puttered out rather quickly. The game got a remaster that did fairly well, but it didn’t revitalize the name in a substantial enough way to bring on a sequel, sadly.

One Can Only Dream Of A Bulletstorm Sequel...
Credit: People Can Fly

Bulletstorm just had everything a young teenage boy could want in a video game: copious amounts of swearing, violence, and gore. And an electric whip. And butt jokes. It’s the perfect buffet of carnage and excitement, and it’s just begging for a successor, built from the ground-up on current-gen consoles. 4K HDR visuals, high frame rate, and butt jokes- what more could you want?

Hell, even Rage got a sequel and nobody even played that game!