DC Comics Characters
Credit: DC Comics and Ivan Reis

As of the time of the writing, Gotham Knights is expected to release in October. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has a 2023 release window. Wonder Woman is…sometime in the future. As a whole, DC Comics have done a pretty great job on the video game front after series like Injustice and the Arkham games.

But ya know…sometimes you just want more. As a DC Comics fan, I (Josh Miller) can’t get enough. I even wrote about a Superman game I would love to see on this very site. So us here at VGU.tv decided to write about some games we wouldn’t mind seeing. And to get the ball rolling, I’ll start with:

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Hellblazer/Constantine – Developed by Remedy Entertainment

DC Comics Constantine
Credit: DC Comics and Renato Guedes

As Remedy has proven with their past releases, they don’t mind getting weird on the narrative front. If they were to have a chance with a DC Comics property, Constantine would be a perfect character for them. Not only would he work well in the third-person action game genre, but the setting is right up their alley.

For those unfamiliar with Constantine or the Hellblazer series; there is a heavy focus on supernatural stuff. Things like demons, ghosts, magic, and more are all things that Constantine has to deal with. Mix this in with his warlock and detective character while also being smart and snarky; he is an interesting protagonist as it is. But the situations he finds himself in and the people he interacts with, many who find him frustrating but irreplaceable, are ripe with possibilities. All of this is something Remedy can excel at. They have proven that they can be creative and weird and Constantine is a perfect character for them to tackle.

Do I see it ever happening? Probably not. However, he is known well enough (thanks to the Keanu Reeves movie and the DC animated films) that Constantine does have some name recognition. His world is also fascinating along with the character itself, leaving me to believe that a Remedy developed Constantine/Hellblazer would be a great DC Comics game.

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