MultiVersus Roster Showdown: Match 4

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Contender 1: The Mask

The Mask 1

Very few characters have a zaniness to them that can match up to The Mask. After his successful movie, and prior to the bad one, it even received an animated show. Suffice it to say, The Mask has plenty to bring to the table for MultiVersus. The character would fit so incredibly well into the game, that it would be a crime to keep him from it.

For starters, there are plenty of sources to pull from. Not only the two films and the cartoon, but also the comics as well. He has plenty of feats within them all too. Whether it whipping out guns or other weapons for projectiles at the drop of a hat, spinning around like Taz, super elasticity, or even transforming into other people. Like some cartoon/clmic characters, he has the ability to break the fourth wall and seemingly show no regard for the limitations it should keep on him. What he is capable of is near limitless making him a bastion of creativity for the devs.

So if you haven’t seen anything with The Mask, it is also a character who doesn’t shy away from outfits. Whether the gangster look below, his iconic yellow zoot suit, his carnival barker guise or even his French outfit; the Jim Carrey movie alone has a number to choose from. However, if Player First Games felt desperate enough, they could even pull from…the Jamie Kennedy movie. No matter the choice, The Mask has a sense of style as varied as his move-set.

The Mask 2

Can sssssssomebody stop him if he gets included into MultiVersus? With some decent balancing, of course. However, the toonforce power of The Mask is an incredible ask for Player First Games, but one that would be a lot of fun to play around with. One, that I personally, could see myself using in battles just to see the craziness of it all.

Contender 2: Austin Powers

Austin Powers 1

The International Man of Mystery may be a tough sell in MultiVersus. While the character has a lot under his belt to make him a viable character, the truth is: he may be more “adult” than the devs want. But with Rick and Morty in the game along with Gremlins already pushing aome of those boundaries, why not add Austin Powers in too.

No spy is without a variety of weapons and skills. Austin Powers is no different. He wields his tiny sidearm in the first film while trying to knock out Mini-Me in the third film with a kendo stick. Granted, giving him an enlarger pump would be good too, but its doubtful Player First Games would do that. Plus, it’s not his anyways. No idea how he keeps getting it. And while he didn’t showcase great driving skills with it, having him hop in that weird 4 wheeler thing he gets stuck in a hallway would be a good laugh too seeing him zip around the stage. Yes he gets his butt kicked a lot in those films, but he also does a lot of things to get out of those situations too.

In terms of outfits, he has some I would like to see, and at least one everyone must see. His usual garb of course would be the standard, but he has many throughout the trilogy in terms of color change-ups. Then you have his silver base infiltrating outfit, his astronaut suit while on the moon, and last and certainly least, his skivvies as he danced against the fembots. Every spy has their wardrobe, and Austin Powers is no different.

Austin Powers 2

Obviously including a character like Austin Powers in a game like MultiVersus that is also marketed to children can be tricky. But as long as the devs….behave…it is certainly doable. But he works as another possible live action character to fit into the game and one that many older players would remember and love. It would also be one more step to that 4th film that has been rumored for almost two decades.


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