MultiVersus Roster Showdown Match 7

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Contender 1: Spawn

With the 1997 cult classic behind him and a new movie in the wings, Spawn could be an interesting choice for MultiVersus. He has a pretty defining look and outside of his ties to New Line Cinema, also appeared as DLC in the WB game Mortal Kombat 11. So let’s make a case for him to appear in another WB game, shall we?

So the easy approach would be taking what was done in Mortal Kombat 11 and simply matching it to MultiVersus as much as possible. But I haven’t played that game, nor with that character. So here is what I propose as a move-set. Spawn is both a great martial artist and a pro at using firearms. Boom. There are your potential basic moves/combos. He has been shown to teleport which could close the distance (or create some) and shoot projectile energy as well.  His shroud could be used as a barrier to prevent hits or even transform it into weapons to be used as powerful attacks. He can go invisible which could surprise someone, especially if he can continue to do moves. Imagine seeing flame breath appear out of nowhere. These are just some of the many things at Spawn’s fingertips. And because his powers are only limited by his imagination, there is so much more Player First Games could do too.

Alternate costume-wise, Spawn has had a number of outfits throughout the years. Having someone like She-Spawn show up would be an interesting choice, and I’m quite partial to how stupid gunslinger Spawn looks. There’s also the question of how the new movie Spawn will be designed. My understanding is a new trailer will have dropped by the time this article is out, so there’s a potential option too (and a decent marketing choice at that). Suffice it to say, there is plenty on the board in the look department for Spawn. And many, if not all, have that sweet 90’s edge design to them.

Spawn as a character feels like an edgelord’s wet dream come true. The spikes, cape, and chains matched with the dark vibes and unending power possibilities definitely make him stand out compared to the rest of the roster. His design, potential move-set, and new marketing…I mean movies….are all reasons to take him into account. But he isn’t the only 90’s comic character with sharp blades and a movie in the works…

Contender 2: Blade

MultiVersus Roster Showdown Match 7 Blade

Another New Line Cinema alum exists in Blade, the sword-wielding vampire. While Blade may not be a top-tier Marvel character in the eyes of many, he has a beloved trilogy and another movie on the way. That also doesn’t take into account his 49-year comic book history. So Blade definitely has a lot to pull from to include in MultiVersus.

As noted, Blade whips out his sword frequently in fights. So it makes sense to make that his primary method of attack. However, he is also an expert martial artist and marksman, so those can be utilized as well. Due to his vampiric blood, he should also be on the stronger side with some durability to match. These aspects should be the majority of his move-set, but he also has some transformations under his belt from his history too. For example, in the Darkhold one-shot, he appeared as a more feral vampire. Another transformation allows him to grow wings. So definitely some things that Player First Games can take into consideration if Blade were to find his way into MultiVersus.

Like most comic book characters with any longevity, Blade has had his fair share of outfits. Some of them certainly match the times too like his look that featured a bit more color such as his yellow goggled green jacket look. Or the one where he had silver armor and looked like a space tyrant. And of course, we need to have the best representation for the actors who were Blade in Wesley Snipes, Mahershala Ali, and yes….even Sticky Fingaz from Blade: The Series.

Unlike Spawn, Blade just feels generally cool. The look and personality (not to mention some solid movies) certainly help. But he also has enough cache in the consciousness of fans and that will only strengthen with the upcoming Marvel movie. So let’s add him to the roster because there are enough good reasons for him to be there.

While neither originated in a DC comic, their ties to Warner Brothers through New Line Cinema make this a potential match-up. So which of these two would you rather see incorporated into MultiVersus? Click on the poll below to make your choice!

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