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Contender 1: Spy vs Spy

Two characters that definitely have a knack for murder and turning attacks around are the spies. For those who aren’t MAD Magazine fans, these two characters were always trying to devise ways to kill each other. Usually what would happen though is that one would look like he would be killed easily, only to learn that he turned the plan around. Though sometimes there would be a double twist. It was always fun, but it could be an interesting concept for a fighting character as well.

The thing is…I don’t want these two working together. I want attacks to be one trying to hurt the other, but due to dodging or reversals, causes the attacks to hit the other players. For example, have the white spy throw a bomb at the black one. The black one pulls out a ramp or something and it goes over him and hits someone behind him. Or the black one sends the white one into the atmosphere on a rocket, only for the white one to come crashing down on the same rocket where the black one stands. There are a lot of weird examples one can use of these two characters trying to hurt one another, but due to dodging or ingenuity, find ways to have it hit others.

Alternate skins are where things can get tricky. I love their designs. It’s incredibly simplistic but slick. An easy go-to would be switching out colors. Instead of black and white, have them green and red for Christmas as an example. I think they should remain as a 2D look-ala Game and Watch from Smash, but then have an alternate skin where they are 3D. Better minds than myself can probably think of others, especially if there may be other versions in the strips that I’m not aware of.

Spy vs Spy would be a really fun and potentially wacky addition to the MultiVersus roster. They have a long history in MAD Magazine and are one of the standout things of the publication. However, they aren’t the only recognizable thing from the magazine. In fact, there’s someone who is more identified with MAD Magazine than these two…

Contender 2: Alfred E. Neuman

The face of MAD Magazine himself, Alfred E. Neuman. This red-haired gap-tooth character actually originated in ads in the late 1800s, well before MAD Magazine snatched him up as their mascot in the 1950s. That doesn’t make him any less iconic of a character. Since MAD Magazine #21, the character would very rarely miss a spot on the cover. So very few characters have a legacy quite on par as Mr. Neuman here.

The problem with Neuman comes two-fold. First, Alfred almost never (to my knowledge) is anything but shoulders and a head. So the character really doesn’t have a design beyond his head. He also doesn’t really “do” anything, which can make his inclusion in a fighting game a little tricky. So liberties must be taken. What if he can open up an issue of MAD and have characters from its long history pop out ala Pokemon Trainer in Smash? Or what if he transforms into said characters himself? These seem like the most likely options to make this character have attacks and abilities considering he is no more than a blank slate.

Appearance-wise with costumes though is where he can truly shine. MAD is well known for its parodies. Sometimes, Alfred himself partakes in the fun (see below). So why not pull from the decades of parodies as alternate costumes he has been illustrated in? Uncle Sam? Sure. The dude from A Clockwork Orange? Why not? Santa, an alien grey, Max Headroom, Pee Wee Herman, a California Raisin; the list goes on and on as potential options. There may be no character with as large of a wardrobe as Alfred E. Neuman.

I don’t know where the age gap is for where people stop recognizing ol’ Alfred. Regardless, there’s no denying his legacy in culture. From appearing in comics like Spider-Man and Superman, showing up in The Simpsons or Peanuts brought up in Mystery Science Theater, and more; Alfred has made the rounds. It’s even more impressive his impact given his claim to fame is a reoccurring bit on a magazine cover.

There we have it. Two (I guess technically three) icons from MAD Magazine doing battle. Which would you like to see in MultiVersus? Check out the poll in the embedded tweet below and make your pick!

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