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Contender 1: Adonis Creed

Coming over from Warner Bros. Pictures is Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Creed. Carrying the torch for a film series like Rocky is difficult, but we saw it succeed in Creed and the sequel Creed II. With the third film on the horizon, adding the character to MultiVersus would not only be a good marketing move but add a different type of fighter into the mix.

There aren’t any big bombastic moves due to the character being based in reality. However, with Little Mac serving as a template from Smash Bros., it’s possible to make Adonis Creed a similar and fun character. Jabs would be an easy means for normal attacks and mixing up the punches could lead to longer combos. Uppercuts would obviously be the hit to send them skyward and a forward lunge could be a means to hit from a slight distance. Giving him a taunt of sorts that increases his punches and speed might be another way to keep him competitive in the game as well. He’s a boxer. He punches things. Don’t try to think too far outside of the box with him.

Additionally costume-wise, there are a few things to do here. Obviously, the trunks come into play. Adonis dons different designs and colored trunks, so having those as options is a thing. So too are the different vest/robe things he wears. But then the question has to be asked – can he have a skin that’s also Rocky? Maybe Apollo? That’s probably pushing the limits as those would be better suited as whole characters, and that’s assuming WB could get rights anyways.

Adonis is one of, if not the, most recent character in this showdown created under Warner Bros. That in and of itself is worthy of a mention, but again, there’s no fighter quite like him either on the roster. That helps him stand out too. However, when it comes to using one’s fists, he may have some trouble topping the next fighter who does a tad more with his punches…

Contender 2: Popeye

Arguably one of the strongest toons in media, Popeye has a long and confusing history. However, there are many shorts of Popeye owned by Warner (which were also aired on Cartoon Network as The Popeye Show) along with the cartoon films. And despite his recognition having faded into the background, he is also a cartoon character that today’s kids would like. Take it from a father whose kid loves old cartoons.

Popeye has many incredible feats, many of which are strength-based. Obviously, spinach has to come into play by allowing a boost to his stats, but it could also be a means to change up his attacks. Maybe he is more limited beforehand, but afterward, his moves become more cartoony. Maybe like Tazz turning people into chickens, he could have a punch that turns fighters into something. He does have the ability to do such a thing (see gif below). He could use his pipe as a propeller to go into the air as an attack or even blow hot steam out to hit those attacking from above. Add in some other ideas of his being a sailor man like throwing anchors or something, and it’s relatively easy to make a move list with him. But like Creed, his basic attacks could be regular punches.

Playing with the style of Popeye would be one smart way to use alternate skins. For example, pull an early appearance by making him black and white. Do another where he is reminiscent of the live-action movie starring Robin Williams. Even the look from the CG movie that never saw full creation could be another. One that I particularly like would be Captain Strong from DC Comics – a parody of Popeye. There’s plenty possible here, so there shouldn’t be any concern for lack of options.

While Popeye may not be as popular as he used to be, he is still known by a lot of people. He is a great fit based on his abilities and history and would be a perfect addition to the roster. To learn more about Popeye, our podcast Hypertime to Podcast will focus an episode on him in January. So please check that out!

Two bruisers going at it! But who will come out of the poll standing once the smoke clears? Only you can decide! Make your pick in the embedded poll below!

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