To learn more about the MultiVersus Roster Showdown, check out the introduction post here.

Contender 1: Suburban Commando

So, I was hesitant to have Hulk Hogan here given his history. However, he has been in a bunch of trash, and the New Line Cinema film Suburban Commando is one such movie. Sad omission: I loved this movie as a kid. Which is a big reason why I’m adding it as a contender for the MultiVersus Roster Showdown. Even if I didn’t though, I think there’s enough to make a worthwhile character for the game.

Suburban Commando has some things that make him both an obvious choice, but also a dumb one. For instance, he is good with laser guns. Easy move there. But we also learn he is good with smashing cantaloupe which could be done to stun enemies for a second if they are close. His strength allows for some stronger hits, maybe even some pushback ones. Meanwhile, his skateboarding skills can have him “falling” but done as a down attack and fire the skateboard forward. Or just have him launch it as he does in the film. And since Hogan is a wrestler, why not give him some grapple moves too for good measure? Maybe even utilize his rocket boots to give them some air.

His recognizable terrible B-movie-level space gear would be the standard choice. However, he could also be “Hulk Hogan in other clothes” too as he is throughout the film. White tank tops and jeans, khaki-colored vests, tuxedos, and stuff like that are all options. But maybe give him the duster that the bounty hunters The Undertaker and… other guys…wear. and last but not least, since it is Hulk Hogan, give him his Hulkamania and NWO gear too.

I may be the only person who will interact in the poll and article who legitimately likes this movie, even if it is awful. But Hulk Hogan, as troublesome as he is now, is a recognizable dude for us older folks. And that’s what this choice is….for anyone older than like….25. But he is also an out-there pick that I doubt would cross the minds of many, but still be solid enough to do justice in the game.

Contender 2: Little Nicky

What many consider the beginning of the end to Adam Sandler’s beloved early career (assuming you liked his earlier stuff), is Little Nicky. Sandler’s lisp character given form as one of the sons of Satan. It’s another trash movie from New Line Cinema, so it was hard not to pit a man from space against a man from Hell.

Little Nicky does quite a bit in the film when he isn’t being comically beaten up and killed. We know he has mad basketball skills (steal moves from Lebron I guess), he can turn into a horde of spiders with his head and is good in a pillow fight. He also can release the good, but for MultiVersus, let’s just treat it as either a beam weapon or something that turns the opponent into your teammate either by attacking others or refusing to attack you. Maybe instead of a cheeseburger like Shaggy, he can pull out a bucket of Popeyes chicken. Other things could be utilized like his bulldog companion, Henry Winkler covered in bees or Ozzy Osborne. That’s up to Player First Games as to how weird they want his attacks to get.

Costume-wise, he goes through a bit in the movie. His typical look of a giant blue overcoat could be replaced with the jersey he wore to the basketball game or the jumper thing he wore as seen in the gif below. He had a different darker suit to fit him being the son of Satan at one point in Hell, so there’s that too. There are options, and I’m sure there are even more, but I refuse to watch the movie again to find out exactly what else there is.

When you have the chance to bring the son of Satan into a video game, why not take that chance? Sure, it would be better if it wasn’t this version, but we take what we can get. His powers kind of seem like he has anything at his disposal, but even if you wanted to be more “true” to the movie, there’s plenty there.

So who would you rather beat up in MultiVersus? Hulk Hogan or Adam Sandler? Wait…I mean…Which character would you rather play: Suburban Commando or Little Nicky? There we go. Pick your poison in the embedded tweet below!