Ugly Special Edition Consoles

For lack of a better article name, this bit on ugly special edition consoles will go down as a “flashback”. While there are certainly older consoles below to flashback too….the industry hasn’t truly moved past it. We still get a variety of special edition consoles. Many good. Many bad. So I thought…let’s check some of the bad ones out.

So below are a number of special edition consoles released over the years. Some probably look familiar, while others are so rare that you may never had known about. It’s also probably good they weren’t available to the mass public. So take a gander below for some true eyesores!

Fool’s Gold

Nothing says luxury like gold, right? I mean, it’s also cliche and gaudy while also finding ways to make things more hideous. The same applies to video game consoles. They really should stop doing it.

It’s In the Game

Probably the type of special edition that exists more than any other kind. However, sometimes, the design team knocks it out of the park. These ones here though…should have been left on the cutting room floor.

That Cross Promotion

Don’t worry, video games aren’t the only things to get special editions. Even random cross-promotion goes on all the time. Just because it’s a beloved burger joint or television show though, doesn’t always mean it’ll have a well received special edition console.

And Now….This…

Then there are these that don’t really have a decent rhyme or reason. They just….exist.

With that, you have now been exposed (if not already) to some of the ugliest special edition consoles to be produced. But…I know there’s a ton still out there. What was left off? Do you have any you utterly despise? What about ones you like? Lay it out in the comments or let us know over on our Twitter!

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