In no particular order…

10. New Cycle (Future Games Show)

This debut title from developer Core Engage, has you overseeing the rebirth of humanity in the face of a Solar Flare. While I enjoy Civilization there is a sense of originality to this game. I was surprised at first to find that this game was not affiliated with Paradox in any way but in fact Daedalic Entertainment who are no strangers to taking chances on these types of games.

9. A Highland Song (Tribeca Game Spotlight)

From inkle Ltd, developers of 80 Days, Heaven’s Vault, and Overboard you play as Moira McKinnon and one day you run away from your home in Scotland to see your Uncle Hamish. Along the way you will learn more about myths and history of Scotland and family secrets. The game is presented as having enough variables to encourage multiple playthroughs. Add in the fact that the game has elements of hand-drawn animation and painted scenery in an impressionist format, a wholly unique time is poised to be had.

8. Demon Spore (Future of Play Direct)

Simply put, this game made me instantly think of Half-Life based on the gameplay. Demon Spore is a top-down shooter which has you as a scientist who has made a grievous mistake and is attempting to rectify said mistake. The heightened action gameplay gives me hints of Hotline Miami mixed with a horror aesthetic.

7. Simpler Times (Day of the Devs)

Simpler Times is a game about reflecting on just that. You are getting ready to move out of your childhood home and the game has been compared to a comfortable song that you can just play on repeat. I am really looking forward to this experience more than I am letting on…

6. Warhammer 40k: Space Marine 2 (Summer Game Fest)

Warhammer 40k: Space Marine 2 is at the same time one of my most anticipated of 2023 and at the same time my most worried of 2023. I am in no way saying that Saber Interactive aren’t up to the task of making a worthy successor to the first game. I am worried that something could be lost in translation from 1 to 2 (don’t forget to play Boltgun as well). Regardless, expect to see something on the VGU YouTube channel because I am sure myself and Emmett will be playing the game. With all that said, from a fidelity perspective, my body is ready…

5. Fable (Xbox Game Showcase)

If you were not in the gaming scene in the mid 2000s to early 2010s the Fable trilogy by Lionhead Studios were some of the best experiences you could have on the Xbox and Xbox 360. Despite the overpromising on the part of Peter Molyneux of what the games would deliver, Playground Games is taking its time. Not much was shown but it had Richard Ayoade so by that standard: it’s on the list!

4. Still Wakes The Deep (Xbox Game Showcase)

From developer The Chinese Room comes Still Wakes The Deep. A psychological horror game set on a 1975 oil rig, you must try to survive along with your crew. I wasn’t able to get through Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, I have recently purchased Everybody Goes To The Rapture and Dear Esther with the intent on getting through at least one of them…

3. Spiderman 2 (Summer Game Fest)

Yes… I know there was no gameplay shown at Summer Game Fest of Spider-Man 2, we did get the picture above as well as others featuring Peter and Miles. Aside from the PC ports of Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Spider-Man: Remastered we haven’t really had much in the form of teasing from Insomniac. What we have since gotten, have been worth placing it on this list.

2. Starfield (Xbox Game Showcase/Starfield Direct)

I am more excited for Starfield than I was for Fallout 4… the latter may have been an underwhelming follow up to New Vegas but I digress. From what was shown at the Xbox Game Showcase/Starfield Direct, I liked what was featured and honestly I felt much better than when I did back in 2015 when Fallout 4 was shown. Hopefully Bethesda sticks the landing with this game…

  1. Alan Wake II (Summer Game Fest)

I was a huge fan of the first Alan Wake back when it released in the Xbox 360 era. It felt like a realized environment. When Sam Lake announced the sequel as Remedy’s first survival horror game my interest was piqued. When I saw the gameplay sequence shown at SGF I was flabbergasted at the visual fidelity, gameplay and overall evolution from the first game. I have not played through Control as well as the Alan Wake expansion despite Remedy saying that it is not required for understanding everything from Alan Wake 1 to 2 but boy am I giving it the max amount of effort…

There you have it, my top ten of Summer Game Fest 2023. We will have an episode of the Players Club Podcast dropping soon focusing more on that discussion with myself and Emmett along with Graydon and Josh. In the meantime check out the latest Players Club featuring Emmett and only Emmett talking about what he’s been playing lately.

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