They say all games are created equal, I say that is not true. For every Resident Evil 2, you have a game like Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. These games were more prevalent, but because of certain technological achievements, they aren’t seen as much on consoles anymore. Nowadays you can see these games on mobile devices which is saddening. These could be licensed games, tie-in games, among others; the important thing is… they weren’t big enough to get the love they deserved! So get ready to learn what Double-A games are the favorites of the VGU staff.

Allan Muir – Site Admin/EiC/Inefficient Merc with No Mouth But Must Scream

Mercenaries (6th Generation of Consoles)

Double A Extraordinaire Pandemic Studios, developer of Merecnaries: Playground of Destruction for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 2.

Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction is the case and point of what to expect from a AA game. In this title from developer Pandemic Studios and published by LucasArts, you are the titular Mercenary fighting for the almighty paycheck committing warcrimes. It was my first “podcast game” except for my time with it, it was more of a “radio game”. As I would play the game on my Xbox and listen to WFAN Sports radio in 2004 right after the Yankees committed the biggest choke in sports history against the Boston Red Sox.

The game had no real story to speak of as the whole point of the game was to cause as much death and destruction as possible. In addition this was during the early period of the Iraq war which makes sense as to why a game dealing with this morally gray subject material made it into the game.

The amount of time I poured into this game was astounding and now that I look back upon it, surprising considering how much my game choice has shifted since I was a young child. Maybe when we do a Roundtable on disappointing sequels we *may* cover the sequel to this games the INFAMOUS Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.

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